Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sheffield/4th day of Ramadhan

one, two buckle my shoes, three four off we go ...

tensed and apprehensived

the so excited and enthusiatic kak ngah Ilham

Today, our Iman started school. Since last nite she couldn't sleep and excited to experience a total new different school atmosphere. The apprehension having to deal with new unfamiliar people around her was the biggest hurdle. It evoked a sense of nervousness, was it really she or us as parents. Both of us were anxious too plus worried, anticipating will she adapt to this new surrounding. On the other hand, she was excited to wear that new uniform and new school bag as well as to enjoy the colors in her classroom. New room, New Teachers, New pencils, New books, New friends, New packs, New year, New class, Let's cheer!

Iman with Miss Powell, introductory session
But knowing her, we believe she would make it. we have faith in her. She has turned from a shy, timid girl into an easy going girl. She used to cling on her mommy n quite antisocial we should admit. But surprisingly, she was ok and enthusiastic about the upcoming events. She made friends quick enough and bet she would want to go to school everyday after the first day of school. Her British sound accent class teacher, Miss Powell seems nice and we as parents were unsure of what to expect but despite the inevitable hiccups accompanying in the morning, the first day in Sheffield School started smoothly. The photos reveal :

Getting acquinted

My first day

See me skip, See me run, I'm going to school like everyone.

See me jump, See me grin
When the bell rings,I walk in

See me count
See me play
I'm in First Grade!
Hip hip hooray!

by sheri

4th day of Ramadhan/Iftar

Iman did not make it today. When we fetch her from school, we saw she was eating biscuit n with a grin saying, Iman dah bukak puasa. Takpelah, it was hot and humid anyway and she told us that her Mat Salleh friend makan sandwich in the class and she could not resist the temptation of food. Mmmm. So for Iftar we had a simple menu jer as Babah jer yang puasa. So mama made mixed salad, ikan jenahak masak merah and habiskan lauk dalam fridge ie ikan masin masak lemak nenas. Our moms used to pesan,"jangan suka membazir, banyak lagi orang tak dapat makan sedap" so kami habiskan dulu apa yang ada. Infact tomorrow ada Bazar Ramadhan so Mama blh off duty for one day. Alhamdulillah. More info on bazaar Ramadhan read here .

penuh jugak meja dengan food, Alhamdulillah


eiyda said...

Kak Zaida..heheh..dapat jugak link K. Zaida..Ida search drp blog k.ziela..Ida add to blog link ida key..;)Thanks! Insya Allah kita jumpa esok di bazar ramadhan..

Pp said...

:-) greeting to Iman....selamat menempuhi satu lagi chapter dalam kehidupan. Pakcik uncle dan makcik auntie doakan kejayaan Iman - dunia akhirat!

for papa dan mama - welcome to the school worlds again, this time as parents! Enjoy ...! and to papa Imran, try to be there as much as you can for school activities - I have my own share of regrets!!


DaNaSh said...

wah syoknya iman dpt ke private school. Best of luck from aunty. Balik Malaysia besok boleh bergulung lidah cakap org puteh.

Makk oiii...the decoration and granishing, do not epitomise 'a simple dish' gituk......

Imeirda said...



Dah jumpa ye! Boleh saja link, kami pun link ida punya yek dgn Nour punya sekali. Welcome n yup kita bersama2 membeli-belah di bazaar Ramadhan.


Thanks and True, we are mentally prepared for our children well being especially for their education. Babah nya so far Alhamdulillah have done a lot for them. Hope Iman will do her part... Ameen


Rhotic Rrr la si Iman lepas ni. Accent British lak. hehehe.

Itulah dia the art of cooking, garnishing n decorating... plus photo technique. kalau dah kaler merah n ijo... Walla! beautiful.

Wiz said...

Ikan jenahak jeda? Gosh you sure know your fish. I yang tau ikan bawal, selar kuning, keli, pari, ikan masin and cencaru. Itu pun dah bangga gilerrrrrrr.

But of course you wont find any of those fish in any of my cooking coz my kids and husband hate fishhhhhhh.

If we live nearby we can always exchange. I give you many cakes and you give me many lauks, howzat?

rumahriri said...

Kak Zaida, Riri link blog yer ..... datang ke bazaar ramadhan ke ????

Imeirda said...

here The king of all fish pun ada ie king fish aka ikan tenggiri tapi sikit punya beso. Azam tak makan fish? hissh! protein tu!, Exchanging food...your cakes to my lauk? my pleasure, anytime!

we ols ada kat bazaar Ramadhan tho were there at 4.15pm... banyak yang dah kena bungkus. Next wk pukul 3.30 dah nak standby.Yok jumpa di sana.

Link?... blh saja.