Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Dubai 4

Monday 241128

It is been quite a while (hibernating sat), being busy and malasss but just wanna to blog about our recent activity, Cuti2 Dubai with anak-anak from Malaysia plus a visit from a good buddy of mine. Rozi and Hubby transitted Dubai enrouted Rome, Italy. Fetched them at the airport and balik Uptown dah malam so just bawak depa makan at the food court there and belanja Abang A'an punya Birthday ( "happy birthday a'An" ) and strolling within the vicinity. Nice weather, quite chilling and nyamannnn.

Tuesday 25112008

Love this photo. This is the only photo the whole 7 of us.

We rented a Kia Carnival MPV to accomodate all for a city tour. Started with Jumeirah Beach and Burj Arab. Snapping photos and we headed to the Atlantis (The Most Expansive Hotel) at the moment. Dubai as usual, claiming to have the world's tallest building, biggest airport and most expensive hotel, Dubai is a city of superlatives. An there are so many others for us to explore here. One shouls tgk on the opening ceremony. OMG they are so lavish... MEMBAZIR!!! In the economics turmoil and many were rentrenched, the money spent for that nite would suffice for so many family expanses. At a cost of $20million (Dh73 million) the lavish party will play host to around 2,500 celebrity and royal guests and a number of VIPs from the UAE for one grand nite event. Many were ie, Oprah, Kylie Minogue, Lindsay Lohan and other Hollywood /Bollywood superstars. Pak-Pak Arab kaya berlaga-laga pipi sambil tasbih kat tangan; hehehe ... do ur own googgling ya!!!

Atlantis in BIG numbers. (Hotel of madness)

The cost: £750m
The size: 114 acres – or 64 Wembley football pitches
The rooms: 1,539, with prices starting at £228 per night for a standard double and rising to £15,000 for the Bridge Suite
The water: 60m litres, including the rides and aquariums – enough to fill 24 Olympic-size pools
The rides: 8, including the 1½mile river ride
The restaurants: 17, three from Michelin-starred chefs
The fish: 65,000 specimens, twice as many as the London Aquarium

Then Abang Aizar wanted to get some Hard Rock Cafe Shirts for souvenirs and his own collection. He and babah are ardent Hard Rock Shirts collectors. FYI, the Dubai Hard Rock Cafe is closing by end of the year, bet depa jual shirts discount giler2 lepas ni so saper2 HRC fans, check it out.

Later we proceed to the Biggest/laegest Mall in the World (ye ke?) and the biggest aquarium in the worlg gak. Beautiful!!! Everyone could observe the big screen of the aquarium for FREE but if nak get a better view the entrance is not that much approx; 25dhs for adults n 15 for children. We managed to watch the shark feeding event. This is another not to miss place to go if u were to be in Dubai. Tengah ralit and fascinated with the fish, sharks and all aquamarine life, saw a Malaysian couple and we switched Salaam. Introducing ourselves... and had adejavu macam kenal Puan Faezah ni..... aha she was our lecturer (Rozi and me) who taught us Reading and Vocab subject. ermmm, what a small world kan????

with Puan Faezah, our former lecturer during our matriculation years in PPP/ITM, Shah Alam. After 18 years finally jumpa kat Dubai, (the hubby works here) n she came for holiday.

Global Village- A cultural landmark in Dubai

Around Maghrib we reached Global Village, kaki dah lenguh sebenarnya, badan dah rasa nat kaputt but the children were so energetic. But we got to take Rozi and Aizar here as the village is open only during winter for 3 months. Got to take the chance.

Many have said that the village attracts an outstanding increase in the numbers of visitors and countries participating. Every countries participating withspecial sets of pavilions with their own theme on the location, the village is still by far the most exotic attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). But with time constraints we did not really manage to explore the whole globe. The only time that they enjoyed was having fun with Mr Barney. Enjoy the pictures.

Babah and children really had a great fun with Mr Barney, Photo session; they gave them to take photos but later kena bayar depa 40dhs, hahaha!!! Anyway Ilham os Barney die-hard fan, still berbaloi!!!

26th Nov 2008 Rozi and Aizar left for Italy. Babah sent them to the airport at 6.30am. Hope they enjoy the stay here.


Hahaha, naper lak ada monkey ni. Ha tu ler, ada 2 orang kirim monkeys ni as awards they love the blogs. Thank u ya Fida and ????. Rules nyer kena tag 7 orang dan acknolwledge them but... but... but... kawan2 semua!!! kawan2 blog ni ramai yg dah dapat award ni, so mama tak tag orang lah ye. mama simpan jer monkey comel ni kat blog mama. Jangan kecit ati ye. Love the monkey!!!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Dubai 3

Friday 21112008
Al Qasba, Sharjah

Ermmm finally baru ada masa nak masuk blog sendirik. Real busy bawak the tourists explore Dubai. So yesterday, after Maghrib, as usual babah's spontaneous/adhoc plan; took us to the Eye of Emirates in Sharjah.

A resemblance of London Eye n our Malaysian pride 'Eye of Malaysia', the place is happening during weekends. It becomes Sharjah's most visible icon next to its super famous signature of 'stilled bumper to bumper congested traffic' (real jammed macam KL kalau kena banjir kilat kat Federal Highway). 'The Eye of the Emirates will be highly visible feature of Qanat Al Qasba leisure hub and ideal for family outings. Mommies yg daddies ada overseas assignments tak join kami, so kami 3 families with 12 children dah cukup buat visit kat sana kecoh and happening.

The children, boys and girls accompanied by Uncle Fadzil took the ride on the ferris wheel. Mama and babah 'gayat', so dok bawah jerrr with aunties brok brek2 killing the time.

Standing proudly on Sharjah's Qasba canal, the Eye of the Emirates has become a main attraction at Qanat Al QasbaThe eyes of Emiratesl feature 42 fully air-conditioned passenger cabins, or gondolas, attached to its external rim, with each gondola accommodating eight people at a time.The children really enjoy the gondolas ride and enjoy the panoramic view of 25-30 miles, including breathtaking aerial views of Sharjah and Dubai. It is beautiful tho.

Mommies posing-posing

During winter one can stroll along the canal sandwiched with many food outlets, coffee cafes (Caribou cafe) and other attractions. The main venue has lot of restaurants, among which Lebanese, Indian & Chinese we have noted. There are live musicians too.

Later rasa lapar. ermmm memang asyik lapar je lately masa winter ni, so nampak Lemon Grass Restaurant at an open area overlooking the the scenic Eye of Emirates. Order tomyam and Thai food; beef with chillies and cashewnuts, kailan ikan masin and nasi goreng for the children. The tomyam is superb, cukup rasa and the PMSed mommies mmg craving for tomyam. Yummy!Bagusnye PMSed mommies ni kalau nak sampai 'waktu tu' jenis takde mood swing cuma idea nak penuhkan tekak banyak jerrrrr. Uncle Madi and Auntie Riri , Thankssss. Penattt... balik... tido.

997, Al-Qusais Fire Station

The EE Club mommies (Emirates Excursion) or (Emirates Expats) organised a field trip to the fire station with the aim to expose to the children "life of a fireman/firefighters. WE were there with Su FND as early as 4.15 and joined by other mommies.

Unfortunately the officer incharged was unavailable but with the courtesy of another pakcik bomba ni ( he speaks Arabic so has to be translated by Miss Hannan), has the purpose of providing emergency response to conduct educational fire station tours on behalf for the anxious little tots. He took us around showing off his office, explanations on their duties and routiens but the children were only interested on the fire trucks!!!! (they are not red... they are YELLOW). Explanations, firefighter gears exhibitions and putting off fire demo completes the session. The children were happy and really enjoy the show. Thank u Mr Firefighters!!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Dubai 2

From Jumeira to Barsha


Morning took the children to MaGrudy Warehouse Book Sale at Jumeirah. The book/novels, children books are real cheap as good as 1 - 5 dirhams each. Even the hard cover novels cost u only 5 dirhams. Looking for stationeries, but they have all gone since yesterday. So kami borong books aje worth almost 700 dirham for only 263AED. Cheap huh?

Then budak-budak lapar so we took them to Noodles Bowl, not far from MacGrudy. Delicious noodles curry/fried noodles cook by Malaysian chef. Mama makan mee kari but rasa chef kat Qusais nye lagi sedap. Yang lain like nasi goreng kampung, mee goreng mmg sedap cuma mee udang nyer kurenggg kena makan kat Sungai Dua gak!

Tgk langit gelap macam nak hujan, but the tourists nak gi tengok Burj Arab. So baba drove us to the beach - Jumeirah beach. On the way nampak angin kuat sangat and bunyi berdesir2. It was quit cloudy and gelap as if dah petang, walhal it was only 2.00pm. Turun gak amik gambar walaupun sakit pipi ni kena tampar dek pasir. First time kena sand storm... macam ni ghupenyer. The children excited but lepas amik2 gambar cepat2 lari gi tpt lain. dalam high waves and strong wind ni ada jugak arab-arab degil dok santai mandi...sampai kena halau ngan police.

Takleh bukak mata - angin kuat and pasir terbang!

Nak better view of Burj Arab - took them to Wild Wadi frontage.

Then to Ski Dubai, Mall Of Emirates, (tengok sajer), time constraints. Jalan-jalan sampai malam.... capek!!!!
Till then, more updates on Cuti-cuti Dubai later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Dubai

Heritage Village.

Malam, balik dari Tchibo lepas shopping winter clothing dengan Nor and Fadzil at Uptown, tetiba babah suggested nak bawak budak-budak ni ke Heritage Village, situated dekat Creek near the Shindaga Tunnel. Something different as boleh tengok the preservarence of Traditional Dubai culture. Mama and Babah pun first time sampai sini. Never know this is a shouldn't miss attraction, if u were to be in Dubai. So yg sesape yg belum pergi, do visit ya. Nak parking punyalah payah but finally dapat gak parking space. Bawak the young tourists tgk Dubai at nite.

View of the creek at nite

Masuk je dr entrance, ada pondok made from daun kurma(rumah depa zaman dulu-dulu), ala-ala pondok daun nipah. Then ada makcik-makcik goreng cekodok sira ngan madu. Mula-mula dia panggil2, ingat FREE. Pastu dia cakap "No free, no free, Fulus, Fulus", kuang, kuangkuang!!!
Tapi beli gak, 10 dirham satu container. Berebut-rebut... nanti mama masak, korang makan kenyang-kenyang!

commercializing the beauty; full of eatery outlets

Mesmerizing the beauty of Old Dubai, abrar (decorated boats) passing by. Babah and dadies berasap2 sisha-ing. Macam best jer. Mama nak try, depa said NO!. Intan mabuk bau sisha siap rasa nak muntah. Mama too don't really like the smell (stinks!!!) though ada macam2 flavour ie coke, strawberry etc.

Dubai Festival City and Tony Romas

Dah banyak hari babah craved nak makan steak Tony Romas so Hari Khamis aritu we ols ke Dubai Festival City. Kawan-kawan join makan, punyalah ramai anak2... Rasanyer meja kitorang yg meriah. No special event, cuma coincide dgn wedding anniversary so agenda seperti biasa makan-makan, brok-brek, brok-brek.

Lepas dinner, took the children at the galeria, mommies posing-posing , the children had fun. running, jumping and hip hopping. Sajer cuti-cuti Dubai!!

Then took the children walking along the canal, and at the piazza ada performance. FREE ajer takyah bayarpun!.They laid banyak bean bags so we ols lepak-lepak with the children, daddies as usual, chit-chatting n smoking, sigh! Look at Ilham, santai!!! Tu budak hensen bottom right, lepas makan kat Tony Romas terusss uwekkkkk!!!!. Hilang hensem kejap.
p/s - credits for Auntie Moi and Auntie Riri for the lovely photos, mama minta izin nak cilok yea. Camera mama abis bateri lak.,

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Super Stars

A is for AMAZING


A is for AWESOME

A+ CONGRATULATIONS!! U have become top of the rest

Iman darling,

Mama n babah are proud of U. Keep up the good work.

CONGRATULATIONS Amirul Amin bin Norazmi

Another congratulatory wish for this cheeky mischievious nephew of mine (naughty MasyaAllah), dapat 5As for UPSR. Last year abang dia dapat straight As for PMR. U guys have made ummi n ayah proud of u. Mama pun tumpang proud gak. Keep up the good work. Dah call banyak kali tuntut ( nak 'pau') hadiah dari babah n mama, sure nanti mama antar hadiah...surprise???!!!

One good thing about this boy, bila nak pereksa would call me, babah, atuk, nenek dia suruh doakan n mintak maaf atas segala dosa (BERKAT ILMU) -hahaha!!! (ko byk dosa ngan mama n babah ye Min?).

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Warkah Buat Isteri Tercinta


Tanggal 12 November 2008, Pertama sekali I bersyukur pada Allah SWT kerana dengan izinNya, dapat kita bersama untuk menyambut ulang tahun perkahwinan kita yang ke-13. Selama 20 tahun usia perkenalan kita, rasanya terlalu banyak kenangan indah yang kita lalui bersama. Kenangan di sekolah, universiti, bertunang sampailah ke hari perkahwinan hingga sekarang semuanya indah belaka.


Terima kasih kerana menyambut salam I pada 16 April 1988 (20 tahun yang lalu).
Terima kasih kerana sentiasa sabar dalam menjalani kehidupan bersama I dan anak-anak.
Terima kasih kerana sentiasa disisi I semasa susah dan senang.
Terima kasih kerana sentisa memberi sokongan semasa menempuhi 'Penghijrahan Total'.
Terima kasih kerana menjadi isteri dan ibu yang terbaik untuk I dan anak-anak kita.
Terima kasih untuk segalanya..


Ingat lagi pada lagu 'SriKandi Cintaku' yang selalu mengiringi perbualan telefon kita setiap malam suatu waktu dulu.
Ingat lagi pada hari kita dipanggil oleh Cikgu Azizah dan Puan Linda Toh di sekolah dulu.
Ingat lagi pada bas SKS yang menjadi kenderaan rasmi kita setiap kali pulang ke KL pada hujung minggu.
Ingat lagi pada Seksyen 17 Shah Alam.
Ingat lagi pada Central Market, ....
Ingat lagi pada 'Winter Sonata' dan pelbagai kenangan kita bersama..


Dengan sepenuh hati dan ikhlas,
I minta maaf atas segala kekurangan pada diri I untuk You dan anak-anak.
I minta maaf atas segala-galanya...

Siapa sangka kita menyambut ulang tahun ke-13 ni di Dubai! Semoga kehidupan kita di sini sentiasa dirahmati dan diberkati oleh Allah SWT. Tahun ni juga kita sambut Hari Imeirda bersama dikelilingi oleh semua anak-anak kita dan akan menjadi satu lagi 'Kenangan Terindah' buat kita berdua. Semoga Allah SWT memberkati kehidupan kita bersama hingga ke akhir hayat.

Yang 'MencintaiMu',


Monday, November 10, 2008

Aku Terima Nikahnya...


That was 13 years ago Imr solemnly accepted the akad, before my dad as the Wali n Kadi with two lafazs " Aku Terima nikahnya Zaida binti Khamis... signing contracts legalizing to love and promised to TLC me in his custody. Sah!... Alhamdulillah. (dunia ana yang empunya!!!) All the memory is still vividly digitalized in my own hard disc.

On that memorable morning, as agreed the akad nikah was scheduled at 10.00am. In the morning by 8.oo, we drove to Shah Alam and I was at the saloon with mak andam till 9.00. So 9.20 am we drove back to PJS 5, sampai umah, tgk kereta banyak (15 vehicles gaklah.) Pengantin lelaki dah sampai!. La ! MasyaAllah...Tak nyempat-nyempat si Imr nih!!!. Mak membebel panjang, nak nangis kang make up spoil so tahan telinga jelah. Sabo ajelah mamat ni. Si Rose my bridesmaid tahu citer, even Ajun and Arwah Put were there to share this joke... mesti dia gelak sakan baca ni. Takyah cerita panjang-panjanglah. Segan lak. Babah tau... mama pun tahu. hehehe

Our love story started in 1988 in STTJ Seremban till present. Still fresh in my mind the first time he set his eyes on me and I just knewI was in love. Budak sekolah bercinta, panjang gak jodoh, sampai jinjang pelamin. How it blooms...biarlah rahsia (more than words - love was in the air). Like some good friends of ours ie Rose and Rozi were along the way watching Imeirda's love story, sharing the sweet old memories... so much to reminsce and so much to get indulge in the nostalgia. See how fast time flies. Sekejap aje dah 13 years.

For 20 years I have known this man and for that long I have always love him. So my dear hubby. Let us cherish our future and grow old together. "I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, by the way you look at me I know we will last." Ich Liebe Dich - Love U.

Babah Darling, Happy 13th Anniversary . Thank U for those wonderful years.

"Love me without fear / Trust me without questioning / Need me without demanding / Want me without restrictions / Accept me without change / Desire me without inhibitions." - Dick Sutphen

"My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever,And ending at never." anonymous

To Rozi and Aizar - Happy 13th wedding anniversary.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dubai Diary 2

Sunday, 9th Nov

Got a good news, another new edition to our family. My sister in law (A'an mother has safely delivered a healthy baby boy, last nite.) Name given - Muhammad Khairil Amir Iskandar bin Khairol. Mak ai awat panjang berjela namanyer Papa. Payahlah nak isi borang???? Anyway CONGRATS to both of u.

Saturday, 8th Nov

Babah took the children to DFC - jalan-jalan belanja depa makan and ingat nak bagi depa tengok wayang but mama signalled NO NO NO - later! as Kak Iman nak kena gi sekolah on Sunday!!! As been said earlier, it is going to be busy weekends and weekdays as we have these two tourists from Malaysia. Banyak tempat nak tunjuk. Iman has her own reason to be elated as dia pun dapat jalan2 sakan. Babah dah siap itinerary till end of the year, nak campinglah, nak ke Musandamlah(nak tgk dolphins), Ke Muscat Omanlah, ke MOE (dubai Ski), Jumeirah - Burj Arab, Ibnu Battuta, Dubai Mall, Global Village, picnic at Mamzar park etc etc etc. Tu belum trip ke Istanbul. Anyone nak jadik tourist guide bagi services for FREE??? phewww... it's gonna be memorable vacations for them.

Friday, 7th Nov

After Friday prayer we went to Dubai Outlet Mall shopping winter clothes/jackets for the children - nak gi Istanbul. Both strollers served as trolleys, byk betul. Met Riri, Madi n Andy. Then joined by Nor, Fadzil n children. Then the children main lagi kat Chucke E Cheese sampai pukul 9.00. Mama and babah sambung shopping. MasyaAllah Penattt.

Thursday, 6th Nov

Ada my UAE pro meeting. Depa meeting kat Caribou, Uptown Mirdiff coincided with Weekend Bazaar. The children were happy dapat main the big inflated slides at the piazza. Joined by Nani and children as Mushil attended the meeting too. A'an, Intan, Iman and Ilham been there dr 5 pm till 11.00. By 8, Nadia and brother joined them

At the piazza, Uptown Mirdif

Wednesday, 5th Nov

Do you believe your own intuition? I do, selalu bila rasa tak sedap hati something would happened. That morning, rasa uneasy, babh pun pegi kerja lambat and sebut rasa malas nak gi kerja. It was very unusual of him yang workhoholic MALAAS nak gi keje.

Then evening at 5, dia called telling me tengah tunggu polis' Huh???? Rasa nak luruh jantung di buatnyer when he said kereta accident. First Qs.. I asked him whether was he ok or... but thank God he was so fine. He rammed onto a Honda Accord which the driver was talking on the phone, the Honda Accord's driver parked his car at the junction without when babah realized the car was there. Luckily he fastened his seat belt. It was a hard impact as the car spinned and bet the Honda's driver pun terkejut beruk. Somehow the driver admitted that was his mistake too... so both of them agreed to settle things on their own. The police advised that too but bagi gak love letter being penalised sebab commit accident. Bukan sikit2 - kena 1k. Kot nak fined orang pun, apa salah nyer 100AED ker or 500 below. Cekik darah betul Dubai nih!!! Tapi yang penting dia selamat, Alhamdulillah. Kereta boleh repair kalau dia... MasyaAllah jauhkanlah.

Balik rumah dia cool jer... amik vacuum vacuum rumah. His very own kind of theraphy, hehehe. Then Nor and Fadzil came, mama goreng pisang (pisang kapuk/abu).... sedap, habis, tak cukup. Babah and Fadzil sat sat gi balcony layan smoking, therapeutic. Biarlah... so mamas sembang2. Children seperti biasa kat bilik playing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Being Tagged

Being tagged by Mommy Luyah yg kena tagged by Fahimi. Thank u Mommy Luyah. So kita tulis jelah, Fill in the blanks macam jawab soalan-soalan exam dulu-dulu. (tulis "GAME' - tapi apa gamenyer), ade benda missing/terdelete ker sebab takkan tanya pasal chicken pox, sore throat, pernah naik kapai terbang ker etc . Rationalenyer or ade sequel?

Mama sempat buat sebab abang A'an tolong copy pastekan. Thank u A'an.

1. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged.

Name : Imeirda
Sisters : 1 (Kak Long)
Brother : 1- (Bang ngah) me the youngest
Shoe size : 6
Height : 156 cm
Where do you live : Now - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes (wondering what does this relevant to?)
Fallen asleep at school : Kat school NEVER coz boyfriend/now my darling, dok belakang so control poise
Broken someone’s heart : Yes.
Fell off your chair : never.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Of courselah zaman cintan cintun n masa hubby out stationed
Saved e-mails : countless
What is your room like : a cosy corner for us.
What’s right beside you : note book and stove ( I work in a kitchen)
What is the last thing you ate : My breakfast - mee hoon goreng
Ever had chicken pox : Yup ...twice
Sore throat : Slalu esp kat Dubai ni selalu sgt kena.
Stitches : Yup.
Broken nose : no
Do you believe in love at first sight : Yes
Like picnics : Very much Indeed
Who was the last person you danced with : Dina and Ieam
Last made you smile : the little monsters
You last yelled at : anak-anak2 la esp Iman masa morning nak get ready to schools. (bukan yell but jerit-jerit manja)
Today did you talk to someone you like : Yes.
Kissed anyone : Yes .
Get sick : baru nak kena sore throat balik
Talk to an ex : Tak sempat ada x
Miss someone : Yes. miss my families there in mesia
Who do you really hate: Back stabbers, hypocrites (talam dua muka or banyak muka), nosy bior org berterus terang - senang citer
Do you like your hand-writing : Yup... I love my handwriting.
Are your toe nails painted : No.
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : kat hotels
What color shirt are you wearing now : White.
Are you a friendly person : very friendly ( bukan nak tambat hati saper2 tau- No No No lah)
Do you have any pets : No
(Do you sleep with the TV on : No, now tak sempat watch tv.
What are you doing right now : typing the info being tagged lah.
Can you handle the truth : Yup, very much.
Are you closer to your mother or father : samer jer, tapi dulu nak mintak duit, mintak kat ayah
Do you eat healthy : Yup n I cook healthy food too

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : No x - so no picture lah.
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : To hubby, my soul partner all the times, my best shoulder to cry, my best listener and my best advisor. Kalau bad day dengan dia ????? ermmm be frank with him jelah abis citer.
Are you confident : Yes.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) planning for family
2) beli rumah kat ceruk ulu - Lembah Beringin
3) enjoying my career
4) honeymooning
5) enjoying life

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Bayor hutang.
2) Shopping Spree Sakan
3) Sedekah duit kat the needys (esp both parents, sedara mara, cronies etc)
4) Travel mana2 around the world without worries about budget
5) Abis hutang segala, Tunai Rukun Islam ke 5

5 of my bad habits
1) tak suka tgk umah sepah , nanti budak2 kena bebel
2) procrastinate
3) tak suka make up
4) malas nak exercise, berenang jauh sekali
5) Malas lipat baju

5 places I have lived in
1) Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. (born kat umah flat DBKL)
2) Petaling Jaya Selatan PJS 5, (umah parents till now)
3) Lembah Beringin, Selangor (home sweet home)
4) Gold Coast, Penang
5) Dobuy- terminal sementara untuk mencari rezeki.

kena tag 5 orang... so u guys; u are cordially invited to share ur answers. No worries kalau tak sempat buat je bebila u ols free. I played by the rules jer; hehehe

1) Danash
2) Wizz the baker
3) Dolly Huraz
4) Riri Madi
5) Nor Qusais - tulis dalam fp ye Nor
6) tambah satu lagi Moi

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dubai Diary

Ahlan Wa Sahlan. 3rd November 2008

Finally they arrived at 6.50pm (Dubai time) here safe and sound. Alhamdulillah feel at ease having them in our arms. Just hope they will enjoy their stay with us. WELCOME TO DUBAI children.


Little miss muffets

Sunday, 2nd Nov 2008

Pi 'restaurant' kat Qusais by invitation, dapat makan mee kari. Kalah mee kari kat Noodles house. Sedap betul tokeh mee kari tu buat kuah dia. Mee import dari Malaysia, mana tak sedap. Thumbs up to the cook. mommies sembang and daddies tgk F1, balik punyalah lambat... kesian esok budak2 sekolah but ramai-ramai tu happy jer depa...

Saturday, 1st Nov 2008

Dubai Flea Market.
(One man´s trash, is another man´s treasure! )

Finally made it today. Babah sent me there (at Safa Park), strolled with us for awhile and off to work. Met Riri there and we had much time to cover all stalls. Frankly speaking, one tends to buy things unnecessarily because u would think they are cheap considering u can get a barely used leather jacket for AED40, or children cardigans, jeans or sweater for aed 5 each. Besides, they are bargainable. Can't wait for another one next month which held on every first Saturday of the month.

entertained by Lime musicians - country songs

This leather jacket plus a pair of children boot and a pair of shoes cost only for 50Aed

Thurs Nite. 30th Oct 2008

Uncle Norris ajak Babah n friends gi makan Ikan Bakar kat Jumeirah (Bu Qtair). Lama nak pergi tapi dok tertangguh jer. After Maghrib we drove to Norris place, berkumpul and convoy... lalu along Zheik Zayed Road at nite was breathtaking and very panoramic especially nampak Burj Arab stand tall as Dubai landmark . Kedai makan dia biasa jer, macam kedai-kedai kalau kita jalan-jalan kat Cherating. It is actually tepi laut gak but full of constructions along the shore, reclaimed. Sampai sana nampak Abang Fudzail satu group dengan family FND and Afza tengah syok dok makan.

So we took another table, sat and ordered. While waiting for the orders, babahs and daddies dok at the other end chatting and smoking while the mommies biasalah, brok-brek updating latest events, children spt biasa main and bising. Later makanan sampai. MasyaAllah... paratha 25 keping, ikan besor-besor 6 ekor kot (really fresh) ... nasi lagi. First bite, first taste... ermmmm not bad, delicious, yummy and memang sedappp makan panas-panas . Puas makan ratah-ratah gitu... tapi diet malam tu memang lari sebab makan tak ingat dunia. Finally, semua berebut nak bayar tapi Uncle Norris belanja (Thank U Uncle Norris). Pastu baru tahu, their 10thwedding Anniversary, rupanyer (so buat kenduri kahwin lah tu, dah 10 tahun baru belanja kami-hehehe). Happy wedding Anniversary, Norris and Moi. Moga kekal ke anak cucu.

Habis dinner, teringat nak bawak anak-anak main pasir kat Jumeirah Beach overlooking the Burj Arab. Beautiful... the children main pasir betul especially Ilham. siap berenang kat pasir. Mamas and babah dok click-click crazy capturing Burj Arab at nite. Dahlah gelap, so trial and errorlah tukar shutter speedlah, tukar settings lah konon nak dapatkan good snaps. Ermmm kalau pro tengok, confirm depa gelakkan. Mohon tunjuk ajar lah abang-abang pro, kami amateur photographer.

hasil amateur kami; NOT BAD la kan? gelap betul kat situ... alasan (lame excuses)!!!