Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm back

Salam semua...

After a long break and hiastu mama is now back, dah keluar dari cave and ready to continue my sedentary lifestyle, spending time blogging, facebooking and Instant Messanging with friends and families.

Actually one good thing takde notebook ni I have more quality time with the little ones. Mama manage to divert my attention (full attention) attending them compared to when mama sibuk with this IT agendas, Ilham was reprimanded for scrolling and typing on the the keyboard. Tu belum lagi Dina merengek2 mintak tu, ini n sometimes mama kept on asking for time delaying/procrastinating their requests (huh!!! bab! bad! bad! habit). Really need to slow down a bit on these activities as mama need time for herself as life incubator now, with fluctuations of emotions and the hormones are to be blame??? The hormonal changes really affect the levels of neurotransmitters which this time made me malassss giler. Besides, i feel like I have lost control over my body... ermmm the emotions is on a roller coaster ride. but thanks to the little ones, they have been kind to their mama.
Many things happened during the break but not goin to backdated everything except ;
10th January 2009
Our first apple of the eyes; Intan Nur Iman celebrated her 7th birthday. (10012002). First time ever, there is no birthday bash for her. (We just took her for a dinner treat). She has voluntarily gave up her savings for the children in Gaza. She even made some stationeries/story books n colouring goodies packs packed for the unfortunate Palestinian children with little note
My name in Nur Iman, I am 7 years old.
I am a Malaysian and now I live in Dubai.
" I would like to share something with u and hope u will like it.
May Allah swt saves u and Palestine. We pray for your safety.
Be strong.
Love Iman"
It was touching this little girl has grown to be responsible girl understanding there will be no celebration for her. She has started to know/comprehend there more other people need something that could make them feel better or happier. The celebration allocation is channelled for a better cause. At least that is the least she could contribute. Hope the goodies packs reached the children; HOPE that would made a difference to some children in Gaza. Ameen. W are proud of our Iman.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Komputer Masuk Hospital

Salam Semua,

Insya'Allah in the next few days, The Terminal will be back. In the mean time, MAMA is taking her own time to hibernate herself during winter.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Malasssss... apa nak jadi???

Anak-anak dah selamat sampai di Malaysia, We sent them to the airport on Friday evening for 6.55pm MAS Flight. As expected Iman and Intan buat scene kat airport... both of them cried their heart out loud. My heart wept heavily seeing Intan cried and me too could not hold back my tears and just let them out. It is so sad letting them go!!!

Ada took few picture tapi tak sempat upload, will do later. Entah kenapa, penyakit MALAS bertandang lagi. Kali ni Malassss betul, selain rasa nak hibernate lama-lama dengan dok diam-diam incubating memang taknak buat benda lain. Nak blame the weather memang tak patut coz dah tak berapa sejuk, nice weather actually but takde mood langsung. possibly the news/e-mails about what happened in Tebing Gaza affected gak...seeing parents losing children, seeing anak2 hilang mak bapak, watching the Moslem/Paletinians being brutalized/victimized ...bla bla bla, tak sampai hatilah!!!!!


"Israeli ground troops have started to enter the Gaza Strip, Israeli military officials have confirmed, a week after the offensive against Hamas began." Whilst we sit at home munching on our favourite snacks, sleeping in our cosy beds, with the heating on, under a protective roof; our brothers and sisters are being crushed under the rubbles in Palestine as we speak. "Witnesses said more than 200 people had been inside the Ibrahim al-Maqadna mosque for evening prayers when it was struck." Make dua for your brothers and sisters all over the globe in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, wherever they face oppression. Are we doing enough?----------------

Tak abis-abis Yahudi ni. And we as Moslem...Are we doing enuf? It is not about being a palestinian or Arabs but as a Moslem apa yang kitadah buat, takat du'a, sembahyang hajat derma/sedekat seratus dua ratus??????. Mana orang2 Malaysia yang diwarwarkan kaya-raya. Thinking of that, kalau congak2 bodo-bodo pun, kalu those filthy rich Malaysians contribute 1% dari wealth diorang supaya boleh salurkan untuk medical purposes, MasyaAllah.... banyak dah tu! Tak payah nak pledge kat e-mails/ kat newspaper ker. etc. (ermmm my 2 kupang worth opinion jer. Eh melalut panjang lakkkkk. and to Ms Livni... GOOOD LUCK, Allah is watching u...
Ermmm esok, kakak Iman restart school after looong school holiday so mama kena start a new episode of routines preparing very early morning breakfast for babah and Iman...
Iman!!! no more happy hours for ur tv show, back to serious matters. Too much rewards given before mama n babah being rewarded. Happy Schooling OK dear and Happy cooking to mama!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Another new year... ingatkan malam tadi nak bawak the children gi Jumeirah Beach Resort to observe the fireworks tapi all celebrations were cancelled.

Mohammad orders cancellation of New Year celebrations
WAMPublished: December 30, 2008, 20:37
Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the cancellation of all New Year celebrations in Dubai on Wednesday as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people.
In support of the Palestinians in Gaza, who are enduring all kinds of killing, destruction and displacement by the Israeli military machinery, Shaikh Mohammad instructed all concerned authorities in Dubai to put this order in place and take necessary procedures to circulate the decision to all concerned parties.

and in fact New Year celebrations in most parts of Arab world cancelled.

Anything new about us?... ermmm banyak buat one thing for sure 2008 was a smooth sailing, everything seemed to be in order except for few hiccups in friendships, in some of our unsure desicions but Alhamdulillah... hope for better 2009. Hope or another year of wisdom. Azam baru??? I haven’t made any resolutions this time around, I resolved to make... ermmm I just wanna be better person lah to everyone n enjoy life with the loved ones selagi Allah kurniakan kesihatan yg baik Ameen.

Esok, anak2, A'an and Intan balik Malaysia, gonna miss them esp Kakak Ieam yg melekat with abang. Again another time to say GOOD BYE... uhks