Monday, April 27, 2009

Bekwoh Farewell PP

PP (centre) clad in red shirt suurounded by the loved ones.

It is so heart breaking learning more and more friends are leaving from this 'so-maha-mahal-land', some went back to Malaya for good, looking for better options or future. Some are expanding their horizons to other continents or neighbouring countries for better offers.

We could still remember the first time we were in Dubai, at first we felt so alienated, so foreign and bonded closely just among the five of us. No personal contacts here, the only one we knew was this couple Sedi and wife who happened to be a brother to my cousin's wife. Everything seeemed so new, back to square one. We knew that we need to make our own initiative to make acquaintances, to reach our Malaysians community here hence we went to our 1st Malaysians-get-together in Uptown Mirdif in Apr 2008- and the story our friendships begins.

Alhamdullillah, We reach out to offer our friendships by offering a potential friend caring, listening, talking, sharing, accepting, and affirming. It takes time though and effort to build the friendships. They are built slowly, slowly and slowly... we are comfortable with the small circle of our families here, giving and taking with much tolerence, really feel at home. To those who are close to our hearts will be very much missed when distance take charge. To those who have break our hearts, u are dearly missed too in a different way. ahaks! Lets forgive and forget.

The recent one, another good friend of ours and most people, will be leaving for a better home in a place near to the Holy city. Our Presidents of My UAE-Pro, Yang Berusaha Pak Payne is showered with a farewell bekwoh kenduri by everyone as a token of appreciation (hosted by Tn Hj FND and Sue in Ajman). This time the main dish 'gulai kawah' is cooked by the daddies, babahs and ayahs led by Pok Nik. Mommies and mamas 'santai-santai', potong-potong buah and kueh and cakes' jerrrr. As usual there are always plenty of mouth -watering Malaysian cuisines home-made by mommies. Mama really loves this kind of event - always satisfies my craving for traditional kuehs. ermmm anymore potluck events???

More story on Bekwoh ' -FAREWELL

To PP ; U will dearly missed by everyone and Good luck in ur new life in Jeddah. InsyaAllah ada rezeki... kita jumpa di sana. Ameen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Year Older

Happy Birthday to me...

Mesti orang tanya yang ke berapa, tengok title macam in denial takmo tulis angka keramat tu. Well many people said it is only numbers. but... 37 sounds alot jugak (Alhamdulillah), mcm tak caya jer. Spoken to mak last week wishing her 43rd wedding anniversary (10th April)n she recalled my soon-to-be birthdate, and even dia pun cakap "dah banyak umur awak yek". She still believes and regards, I am still her youngest baby who has mature without her wanna to admit. I will always be you baby!!! Babah jangan marah -" I'm ur babe forever ...lah".


Just hope many happy returns for me, always happy with my loved ones and panjang umur, murah rezeki. Semoga makin kurang sifat mazmumah and more mahmuddah dan Alllah permudahkan segala urusan kami. Ameen.


Me too in nostalgic mood. " Terkenang-kenang..." That was 21 years ago. On my sweet 16th birthday, Babah dated me the first time ajak balik Seremban sama-sama. That was the 1st time rasa balik Sremban naik SKS cepat sangat sampai, ... then cerita Imeirda pun bermula. The rest biar kitorang dua orang simpan jer. Kawan2 seangkatan sure ingat banyak lagu2 jiwang during that time, the children now mesti ketawa bagai nak rak kalau dengar lagu2 'sketsa sebuah cinta', 'more than words' etc etc. Yg umur2 sekufu sure ada list lain. Till then...

To all April babes and dudes - Happy birthday (Hope we get wiser and better)

To Mak - Happy Birthday yang ke 59 , with lots of love from Iman, Ilham Irdina

To my Rose Darling - Happy Birthday to U. U are not 37, u are sixteen with twenty one years full of experience!!! me too.