Monday, September 29, 2008

Fever, Mak and Raya

The nite before we had our Iftar at Joot Mandi with few friends. Actually I have started to feel feverish and didn't feel good. I have tried all the precautions; to drink a lot of plain water, to keep myself indoor so not to exposed to the heat etc etc. Nevertheless nak kena lagi. Maybe makan lahaam banyak sangat kot.Alhamdulillah.

So the following morning mama experienced the wave of chills and exhaustion and started to feel the temperature is rising. I know that this time fever occurs in response to my tonsilitis. Started to

1. feel swelling and pain in the throat
2. inflammation and irritation in the area on both sides of the throat causing difficulty in swallowing. The lyph nodes were so big and painful
3. A very high fever
4 Headache and vertigo
5. Stiff neck
6. Nausea (NOPE, not preggie yet)

Guess what? Iman took my body temperature using the digital Braun Thermoscan and the reading was 39.8C. Eh! tingginyer. Thought that the digitalized gadget is over sensitive so tried again and again it was rising. Then I started to feel my whole body ached to the xtend I couldn't even lift Dak Dina Debot. Nak bangun pun tak boleh, nak telan airliur pun tak boleh

Mayday, Mayday! Got to call babah and ask him to send me to the hospital. Babah rushed me to the Emergency unit and have to wheeled chair and the nurse took the temperature again... 41.2C and I have started shaking tapi kuatkan semangat jer. I got to asked for a bed from the brok-brek2 nurses and waited 40 minutes for the doctor to attend patients in Emergency unit. Acute Tonsilitis !!! Later was dripped and given voltaren by IV and 2 hours of rest, then sent me to the ENT specialist and sending us everywhere to do the bloodtest, pay the bill, get the receipt, go back to the lab etc etc. So turun lift naik lift abis masa kat situ. At this point of time I should give a credit to Gleanegles Intan or Pantai Medical Centre, KL. Wish a ada kat situ. Pity babah dok usung Ilham and Dina. Nasib baik Dina tido! Ilham tolong tolak wheel chair. hehe

Later balik... just rest, hope to recuperate soonest possible as nak Raya sangat nih. Kesian kat babah and anak2. kacang dah goreng and buang kulit tapi tak sempat buat kuahnya lagi. sigh. InsyaAllah, sempat lagi... so time to telan ubat and get well.

NOW!!! Mama just wish mak were here or we were in Malaysia. Amiss something already as I was actually always busy in the kitchen with mak and kak Long during ends of Ramadhan. Preparing and menganyam Ketupat, Rendang, serunding, kuah kacang, Kuah Lodeh, kurma ayam etc etc. That is mak's menu, every year..... Never thought that the feelings was tormenting and this torturing. My heart weeps...

Mak, Atuk Khamis and the cucus (pic ; taken last Raya - Baby Dina was only 10-day old)

Iftar of the day - 28th day of Ramadhan

Nor and Fadzil in Qusais invited us to join them and few other friends for Iftar. Today mama and babah memang datang bawak perut ajer, sorry ye Nor tadi masa abis kat sepital jer. Had nasi Ayam...yummy, fishball soup, variety of kuehs and teh tarik. Again same agenda, makan-makan, solat and sembang-sembang. To the host, terima kasih banyak-banyak, moga dipermurahkan rezeki.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam Eidul Fitri d Perantauan

Buat Kedua Ayahanda Bonda di Malaysia,
Buat kekanda-kekanda dan adinda-adinda sekalian
Buat semua saudara mara di Perlis dan di Johor
semua mulimin dan muslimat yang mengenali kami,
dan semua teman-teman di Malaysia dan di UAE,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin,
Salam dari
Imran, Zaida,
Iman, Ilham, Irdina
p/s, Ucu - nak kueh Ma'mor ngan tart nenas
Nenek 2 dan atuk2, ummi, ayah long, papa, pak lang, mak tok, tok wan, Tok Andak,Tok Anjang, Tok Tam, granma, Tok Ma, Tok Sila, Tok Nong, Tok Chik, dan semua tok lah!
Iman, Ilham, Irdina mintak duit Raya,

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un [Arabic: انّا للہ و انّا الیہ راجعون ] "Verily we belong to Allah, and to Allah we return."

We have learnt that our old good friend (Imran's varsity buddy) was hospitalized for final staged colon cancer . His health has been deteriorating ever since, we tried to contact him but to no avail as he was so weak and 4 weeks ago in coma state. The doctor has asked the family to be ready for any possibilities but the chances were slim.

We kept in touch with our other friend who visited him regularly and kept us updated with his current condition. And it was heart breaking knowing a person with good heart is lying helplessly and that we could not visit him

Today 25th Ramadhan (Khamis Malam Jumaat) at 3.00pm (M'sia local time), a friend texted " Finally, Arwah dah takde! Our hearts weep but Allah dah tulis sudah sampai masanya. It is time for him to leave us. Semoga Allah menerima iman dan islamnya dan menempatkannya di tempatnya yangterbaik. Takziah dari kami sekeluarga dan semoga keluarga (Allahyarham Sufian bin Sulaiman) diberi ketabahan dalam menghadapi musibah ini.

And, in the Muslim way of respect, we concluded with: "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un - To God we belong and to Him is our return."

Mohon sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Sufian bin Sulaiman. Al-Fatihah

Iftar - 23rd day of Ramadhan

Babah decided to hold Iftar at his own nest and mama agreed so we invited few family friends who stayed within the vicinity. Mama cooked sup tulang and ekor, ikan bawal hitam masak sweet sour and mixed vege. Also mama baked talam ubi... yummy and babah favourite kueh ketayap. The mommies came with variety of delicacies like sambal belacan, pink onde-onde, meehoon goreng, sardines rolls, ikan pekasam, ikan masak kicap etc etc.etc. And actually again tak sempat nak snap photos. Again Aalhamdulillah plenty of food to be shared and plenty of children too to tolong menghabiskan. Not to worry, InsyaAllah habis. We are the type yang enjoy food so taklah membazir.

Iman, quench to her thirst

They too are thirsty

ladies makan-makan, sembang-sembang

jemput makan semua...

Apalah yang disembangkan tu?

Iftar - 22nd day of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, Babah, mama and princesses got invitation to join Haza n family to have our Iftar together with some friends. Others invited were Ma'ju and shiela with the Angels, Madi and Riri with only two heroes out of four, and Tini alone with her own soul! ahaks. The other half of Tini is left back in Malaysia. Anyway she will be leaving the following day to be reunited. Plenty of food;

Tini brought lamb curry loaded with carrots, potatoes, brinjals segala (abiskan ration dalam fridge la tu), Ziela cooked meehoon goreng, bubur lambuk, pudding jagung cocktail, marie biscuit batik cake, fried chicken, mama brought ayam masak ketchup (eh tak snap photo lak), Shiela brought kuih sago (ooops pun no photo), n Riri made kuih bakar pisang... nice. oo lupa lak kuih batang buruk tu, Cik Tini kita yang bawak. Get indulge on the photos taken ya!

Told u banyak makanan and we were busy eating, perform solat, eating brok-brek, brok-brek tak sempat nak pose banyak gambar. Tulah masalahnye kalau dapat jumpa friends, we really make full use of the time, sampai bargain time dengan hubbies bila depa signal ajak balik... Suka dapat mingle-mingle dgn friends, the more the merrier.

Merpati dua sejoli, Baby Aryann n Dak Dina Debot, wah siap nampak kuali itam auntie Ziela,

Enjoying eating drumstick fried chicken

Mommy Riri dah chup Dina nak buat menantu. Ni utk no yang mana?? Nak ikut harga Dubai ker?

Emmmm, ada pulak kacau daun, the guardian Angel Kak Ieam. Dina says ' aiseyman kacau jer lah kakak ni."

nak balik dah!!
Lupa nak ucap tenkiu pada tuan rumah, semoga murah rezeki. Terima kasih daun keladi, jemput-jemputlah lagi.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anak Soleh

Thirteen-year- old Mohammad Bin Ahmad Zahid from Malaysia is felicitated after being adjudged the winner of the Quran recitation contest at the Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

Teenager's Quran recitation wins hearts
By Siham Al Najami,
Staff ReporterPublished: September 19, 2008, 23:43

Dubai: The young Malaysian participant who was eventually declared the winner of the recitation event at the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) event had the jam-packed audience in a thrall.
The contest began at midnight on Thursday after the conclusion of programmes associated with the event. The prizes will be announced today at 9.30pm in the presence of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, at the Cultural and Scientific Association.
There were seven participants in all who vied for the top three prizes. A Turkish contestant and a Kuwaiti participant were adjudged second and third respectively in the recitation event.
Showcasing talent

Thirteen-year- old Mohammad Bin Ahmad Zahid's performance moved some members of the audience to tears. His recitation of verses from Surat Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving) of the Quran during the stage of the competition when each participant was given seven minutes to showcase his talent went down especially well with those assembled.

for full report read HERE

Iftar with Adik Mohammad bin Ahmad Zahid
20th day of Ramadhan

Anak ini begitu istimewa di mata kami. Once I set my eyes on him, had a deja vu that I've seen this familiar face. Tapi kat mana ya? Only then I realised I have seen him on TV reciting Azan calling people to perform solat. But today we saw him in person; masih muda tapi diri tampak mature. Adik Muhammad bergelar Hafiz pada usia semuda 10 tahun. Keterampilan dan Sahsiah serta Akhlak beliau begitu terserlah dan amat tertib sekali. Percakapan dan tingkah laku tidak langsung mengambarkan beliau baru berusia 13 tahun. Tiada perkataan yang dapat diungkapkan bagi menceritakan keistimewaan anak yang bernama Muhammad ini. Dapat dirasakan betapa bangganya ibubapa beliau. Namun itulah hakikatnya.

As usual, we had meals for Iftar pot lucked by mommies and solat Maghrib diImamkan oleh adik kecil ini. Menitis air mata, terusik naluri keibuan tatkala beliau mula membaca Al -Fatihah dan Quranic verses seterusnya. Sesudah solat, adik Mohammad meluangkan masa memperdengarkan sedikit Quranic verses dan ada sessi temubual dan dijawab dengan begitu confident dan tertib. Antaranya makna yang tersirat bila seseorang itu sudah biasa dengan hafazan dan ayat Qur'an, seseorang pasti akan baik budi dan akhlaknya. Ditanya tentang cita2 ; 'hendak menjadi Ulamak Professional' katanya. Alhamdulillah, he has set his mind and he knows well where to head on. Bak kata saudara Hasnol "Cilik orangnya, namun ilmu di dada mencerahi perawakannya. Baru 13 tahun, dah menjadi Imam jemputan d Masjid sekitar Kuala Lumpur", Impressive! Hati kami berkata "Sesuai buat calon menantu".

We were so genuinely impressed dengan anak kecil ini, begitu juga utk kedua ibubapanya. Dalam hati berkata kedua ibubapanya memang memainkan peranan samarata dan amat committed dalam memberi warna yang betul dalam membentuk sahsiah diri anak-anak mereka. Si adik berumur 8 tahun juga telah menghafaz banyak juzuk, begitu juga adik2 yang lain. Rasa kerdil memikirkan tentang family sendiri dan termampukan menyediakan bekalan atau 'harta' semahal ini. Hanya anak yang soleh yang tidak akan lupa untuk mendoakan ibubapa yang telah tiada. Never too late, utk kami. Mudah-mudahan, InsyaAllah

Kepada Adik Mohammad bin Ahmad Zahid, Tahniah dari kami sekeluarga serta semua warga Malaysia di Dubai. We are proud having u here. Alhamdulillah.

(Mungkin Video yang diambil akan di updatekansetelah mendapat izin drp saudara Hasnol.)

mommies mesmerised dgn bacaan anak ini

para ayah dan adik-adik lelaki sharing the moments

bersama kaum ibu dan adik2 perempuan

Mohammad bersama ustaz pengiring; Ustaz Mohamad Faizal bin Omar Baki

Time to leave

Bazaar Ramadhan - Finale

19th day of Ramadhan

Quoted by My UAE-Pro Team President's, Yang Berusaha Tn. Haji Ariffin Mamat ;

"Dengan sempurnanya Bazaar Ramadan ke 3 semalam, berahirlah siri Bazaar Ramadan tahun ini di Dubai. Untuk tiga minggu, Malaysians di UAE sempat merasai satu suasana perkampungan warga Malaysian di rantau ini ; membeli juadah dan bertemu rakan2 dalam suasana Muhibbah dan persaudaraan.

Bagi pihak penganjur, saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terimakasih kepada semua pengusaha2 gerai dari minggu pertama hingga minggu penamat semalam. Saya tahu anda berbuat demikian bukan di dorong untuk mencari keuntungan sebaliknya lebih kepada niat untuk menyumbang kepada warga Malaysian dan memeriahkan suasana. Thank You!!

Kepada pengunjung2 semua - tanpa sokongan anda Bazaar Ramadan yang kita sedia kan tidak bermakna. Terimakasih dari kami!!!Tuan Consul General di Dubai, Tuan Syed Mohd Hasrin, memainkan peranan penting dengan galakan, sokongan dan kesudian beliau mengizinkan premis kediaman sebagai tapak Bazaar.
Bagi pihak seluruh warga Malaysian di UAE, saya mengucapkan jutaan terimakasih! !!Penyediaan kemudahan membayar zakat fitrah di lokasi Bazaar semalam mendapat sambutan baik. Kutipan melebihi AED7000.00 telah berjaya di kumpulkan, bermakna ramai di antara kita telah menunaikan satu lagi fardu yang di tuntut!! Alhamdullilllah." (minta izin ye PP)

Kaunter Zakat Dikelolakan oleh Saudara Hasnol dan FND

Finally, it (the Bazaar Ramadhan) has come to an end. The finale was held yesterday with lesser people compared to the second one. We came a bit late and most of the kuehs have almost finished but we managed to have some of our favourites. Babah went to pay for the Fitrah, snap some photos, meeting and mingling with friends and ready to go home until PP and Kak Aishah said Jommm!! asking to join them for Ifter together at AR, so there we go with our little ones joining them buka-buka the food we all bought at the bazaar Ramadhan.

Nasi Lemak bought by PP (5 packs) shared, sambal pedas giler but nice

So for Iftar of the day; we had the followings; air cincau AR, Kuih Cara berlauk homely made by Kak Aishah, nasi lemak Sulastri n gang, Nasi Ayam Pakcik Othman and Kak Zai, Currypuff and Murtabak from Su n FND, kuehs from Tipah's Kitchen, Meehoon Sup Utagha from Kak Ani's Hasnol n others. As usual perform Solah and about 8.30 we headed to Karama Market to buy groceries n met a family friend there in Bur Dubai.

By 11.00 reached home totally exhausted. (Lupa nak ucap terima kasih banyak-banyak tuan dan puan rumah, moga dimurahkan rezeki, Ameen)

A little something to share : Ilham's newly acquinted friend "Uncle Haziq". She tailed him everywhere and siap pegang tangan uncle tu. But Uncle Haziq memang sporting... layan!!! Thanks Haziq!

(pic : they were watching tv, something terrifying her, tu yang looked apprehensived and getting closer to Uncle Haziq)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Iftar - 18th day of Ramadhan

At Twar 3 - Again we received an invitation from Tuan Rumah to have Iftar at their humble house with friends. As Mama is still recuperating from fever, still feeling dizzy and body still frail, bangun gak, put an effort to cook bubur kacang durian. We arrived quite late as we were caught in traffic. Ramai sungguh attended this time. The house was full of people in and out. Same goes to the food, everywhere full of delicious delicacies, thumb ups to the home made laksam by tuan rumah and towkeh catering in Dubai. There are also ikan bakar, variety of desserts and others. Punyalah makan tak sempat snap-snap gambar makanan, as mama thought baba took photos and vice versa. Sudahnya... hope ehsan photos dr kawan2 lah nanti.

Meeting so many friends and new friends. Miraculously, felt energetic, rasa sakit badan-badan hilang n feeling totally recuperated. mmm... good babling theraphy, memang mulut suka brok-brek, brok-brek, then makan-makan, solat Maghrib, makan-makan, sembang-sembang. Later the men went to the nearby mosque for Isyak prayer and Terawih whilst the ladies done it at the house.

Bila mommies ucapkan selamat hari Raya

After Terawih, 10.00pmwe gathered the mommies and the children, (wei semangat tu pakai baju kurung - letih try yang mana muat lagi). Many of the guest have gone back. Again photo shooting session for Hari Raya wishes (raya di perantauan). Punyalah sronok... though kena retake few times. (masa ni nasib baik camera ada kat babah)

1,2,3 action ! "Kami mengucapkan Slamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada keluarga dan semua sanak saudara yang berada di Malaysia. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI DARI DUBAI"

gambar bawah left to right: Family Mahadi Riri membuat ucapan dan ma'ju n Shiela (Madi n Riri, nape kena retake banyak kali daaa??

Kak Ngah Ilham, Kak Long Iman, Sofea and Nana. (Shahira dah balik)

Alahai! Cantik Kak Ieam pakai baju kurung.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tame your Temper

We all know what anger is, and we've all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion. Thus lets try to tame one's anger; EASY TO SAY HUH!!! Tak kena Tak Tau!

(Just a little something to ponder, )
Tame your temper

Controlling your temper isn't always easy. But these effective anger management techniques will help give you the upper hand.

If your outbursts, rages or bullying are negatively affecting relationships with family, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers, it's time to change the way you express your anger. You can take steps on your own to improve your anger management.

Anger management tips
Here are some anger management tips to help get your anger under control:

Take a "time out." Although it may seem cliche, counting to 10 before reacting, or leaving the situation altogether, really can defuse your temper.

Do something physically exerting. Physical activity can provide an outlet for your emotions, especially if you're about to erupt. Go for a brisk walk or a run, swim, lift weights or shoot baskets.

Find ways to calm and soothe yourself. Practice deep-breathing exercises, visualize a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase to yourself, such as "take it easy." You can also listen to music, paint, journal or do yoga.

Once you're calm, express your anger as soon as possible so that you aren't left stewing. If you simply can't express your anger in a controlled manner to the person who angered you, try talking to a family member, friend, counselor or another trusted person.

Think carefully before you say anything so that you don't end up saying something you'll regret. Write a script and rehearse it so that you can stick to the issues.

Work with the person who angered you to identify solutions to the situation.

Use "I" statements when describing the problem to avoid criticizing or placing blame. For instance, say "I'm upset you didn't help with the housework this evening," instead of, "You should have helped with the housework." To do otherwise will likely upset the other person and escalate tensions.

Don't hold a grudge. Forgive the other person. It's unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly as you want.

Use humor to release tensions, such as imagining yourself or the other person in silly situations. Don't use sarcasm, though — it's just another form of unhealthy expression.

Keep anger log to identify the kinds of situations that set you off and to monitor your reactions.

Practice relaxation skills. Learning skills to relax and de-stress can also help control your temper when it may flare up.

You can practice many of these anger management strategies on your own. But if your anger seems out of control, is hurting your relationships or has escalated into violence, you may benefit from seeing a psychotherapist or an anger management professional.

Taken from:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Penangan Bazaar Ramadhan - satu badan sakit-sakit and Mama started to catch fever. Rasa seram sejuk. Ke terkejut dgn cerita-cerita sensasi terbaru... Alahai!

Babah off from work handling the children as mama x larat bangun langsung. Later-later je will update the journal. Hope to get well soon.

p/s - ke berjangkit fever dr towkeh nasi dagang...

So for Iftar ... kita calling-calling je kedai2 kat bawah tu ye babah?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Iftar - 13th day of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, again another hamba Allah, a close friend of us invited the whole family for Iftar. This time many familiar faces turned up, besides meeting more new acquintances and makan2 together. Mama just made Bubur Lambuk for complimentary dish. The event started with makan2 solat Maghrib, makan2, solat Isyak and Terawih and again Makan2 again for Moreh (does it spell rite?) Tak dan nak snap photos. The table was flooded with variety of pot luck dishes brought by friends. The main signature dish were ikan bakar and kerabu sotong. There were also, meehoon goreng, kueh teow goreng, cucur udang, bingka ubi etc etc macam kat bazaar Ramadhan. They were delicious indeed and mama really tried everything... maybe the last person finished eating.

Later after Solat Terawih, we gathered the children to be photo shooted wishing Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri. Hope to be aired for Syawal Rara wishes (raya diperantauan). Iman, Ilham, Nadia n brother, and others which mama didn't know their names; sorry darling! been practicing n they were really enthusiastic n cute! Rasa macam dah Raya lah pulak!

1, 2, 3 ... Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dari Dubai, they shouted cheerfully

The mommies watching the children cheering

kembar tak seiras Iman n Shahira (Nana has gone home)


Iftar - 14th day of Ramadhan

Today Babah had an invitation to attend Iftar by our CG in Dubai; Tn Syed Mohamad Hasrin at Consulate General's mansion in Al Barsha (where we had our Bazaar Ramadhan) with my- pro UAE committee members. So mama had Iftar alone with the kids... ala kadar ajer. Alhamdulillah

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bazaar Ramadhan - 12th day of Ramadhan

day/date : Friday 12th September 2008

place : Consul General's residence in Al Barsha
time : 4 - 6pm

Friday 12th Sptember 2008 - Again Malaysians thronged joining the crowd to one particular destination, our very own Bazaar Ramadhan realized from Malaysians for Malaysians. This week more stalls and variety of menus available for visitors. The bazaar Ramadhan as previous week was phenomenal. Lots of delicacies to be offered and to attract to the hungry stomachs. Welcome everyone to our food festival in Dubai.

Imeirda's family affair wholly joined by anak-anak; Iman, Ilham n Irdina, helping to do the packing n labelling.

First time ever, we commit ourselves to join the excitement with other friends to sell our Rendang Tok. So catch up our limited edition of rendang tok. It is maybe not the best so far as the original kuali not available. The best to cook rendang is still using the traditional tungku with kayu api and pakai kawah. Anyway FYI, it is not a profit making bizz, all money received will be chanelled to Tabung Sponsor Iftar d Indonesia/Filipina/ Sri Lanka! So mari menjayakan bazaar ini dan bersama-sama menyumbang untuk anak-anak yang kurang bernasib baik. As quoted by saudara Hasnol "Lebih banyak anda membeli, lebih banyak sumbangan anda. Dan lebih banyak bonus Ramadhan anda! Kami nak"Gemukkan" puasa anda! Alhamdulillah. Well for the rest, let the picture tell the stories.

The colors of Bazaar Ramadhan in Dubai

Siap nak interframe lagi. Me with Irdina tumpang kat stall Arabic x Aluya, jual rendang n ziela jual puding n kek batik

Finally, reunion with varsity collegue, Ziela and adik-adik junior, Mem Aluya , NazrahAyu.

Again terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada yang berusaha Tn Haji Ariffin dan krew-krew yang bertugas dan Tuan Syed Hasrin selaku Konsul General di Dubai yang bermurah hati menyediakan tapak bazaar FOC.

For more pictures: catch up from

LensaHalim dan LensaImran

(mintak izin ye En Halim n En. Imran)

Iftar For the day (12th day of Ramadhan)

nana, iman, ilham, shahira n Ain

Penat bizz hanya Allah yang tahu, the body is totally exhausted preparing the products but satisfaction yang penting. Semua sold out and by 4.30pm we headed back to Ziela home to break fast sama-sama dengan dua anak angkat, kawan Iman; Nana n Shahira anak2 towkeh nasi dagang n laksam. The menu of course resipi kawan2 yang tolong masakkan that we paid at the bazaar like nasi dagang Shiela Ma'ju, nasi kerabu Mas , bubur lambuk Kak Mazni, puyuh goreng vogue Aidit, kuih badak berendam Recah Ranches, kuih seri muka, talam ubi, popiah goreng kak Tipah n puding Ziela. Asam Pedas Tulang Kak Aishah we kept for Sahoor. Plenty huh?? tu la lapor mata tapi.... HABIS, Alhamdulillah

Iftar - 11th day of Ramadhan

Today, we were cordially invited to join Iftar at Bur Dubai. So again mamanye dapur tak payah berasap. Bagi dia rest kejap since yesterday she has been working hard tolong mama masak rendang, berjam-jam, . Mama just made ikan kering masak lemak nenas as a compliment dish to be shared by all. Met many new unfamiliar faces and an addition of new friends in the lists. So kita makan lagi!!!

OMG, there was abundant of food macam kat bazaar ramadhan made by tuan rumah; and plenty of my favourite kuehs. Bingka ubi kayu kukus eaten with santa pekat, kuih lapis kaler ijo but nice, pulut sekaya and others. Makan nasi with sambal udang petai, gulai lemak nenas, daging goreng bendi etc etc. mmm gendang gendut tali kecapi, makan banyak senang hati. Terima kasih tuan rumah, lain kali jemput lagi dan moga dimurahkan rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday for Iftar ( 10th day of Ramadhan) we had nasi and a recycled round of recipe. Babah teringin makan sup ekor, rendang tok, and omelette and ikan bakar berempah. (Gambar utk hiasan seperti di entri yang terdahulu. harap maklum)

P/s : jangan lupa berkunjung ke bazaar Ramadhan Dubai di AlBarsha. Jumpa di sana. Naza, Wiz, Panjang, mak Bedah, mak leha, atuk Khamis n tok bah , nurul dan semualah, silalah datang.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rendang Tok For Sale

yang ini gambar ori... rendang tok stok dalam simpanan kami
bukan sekadar hiasan
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Wah Rendang Tok For Sale macam nak jual kete atau nak jual Umah jer. Dah masing-masing sibuk promo hasil jualan, kami pun excited jugak. Babah pun dah siap pergi pasar dengan Pok Nik towkey Nikeiyda stall, belikan mama daging n kelapa nak buat rendang tok. Resipi diturunkan oleh ibu si pencari rezeki dalam umah ni. Mak mentuo saya orang Linggi, mintak laluan ye, Cikgu Bedah promo sikit tapi yang expert memasak dia ngan adik dia kami panggil Ateh. Memang kaw-kaw. Kalau pekena dgn parata atau murtabak. kalau ada pulut kukus lagi mengancam. Itu tak kena dgn nasi lemak. Alahai mesra alam rendang tok ni.
Nak masak rendang tok ni kena sabar sebab lama nak menunggu dan menjaganya. Takleh hangus dan yang penting kena banyak pati santan. Tu yang akan melemakkan dan lama tunggu tu akan jadikkan rendang nye gelap. Bukan hangus tau.
Tapi kat Dubai ni santan mahal, walaubagaimanapun kami tetap akan menjaga kualiti jualan kami.
Apa-apapun, InsyaAllah nantikan hasil
Rendang Tok Uptown Mirdif Al Gucci
di stall vogue Arabica x Aluya di bazaar Ramadhan
pada 12 sept 2008 ini nanti.
Promo-promo jualan/menu sila lihat di dalam blog eiyda nik, bakpo pp, mother of two, mommy luyah, aidit dan yang lain2.
google jelah. sibuk ni nak kupas bawang, potong serai, cili dll.
Jumpa di sana, di sana.......
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Iftar - 9th day of Ramadhan

A friend texted us this note. Kind of cute and sweet.

Sempena Ramadhan Al Mubarak Ini,

sentiasalah setting niat,

upgrade Ima'an,

download sabar,

upload usaha,

delete dosa,

update du'a,


top up ilmu agar boleh redeem pahala.

Aha, dah masuk 9th Ramadhan, almost one third of the holy month. Walaupun dah mintak maaf, to date kita mohon maaf lagi sekalilah so blh delete dosa buat amal banyak-banyak dapat redeem pahala. Amin...? Yang penting mintak Ampun pada Allah, yang sesama manusia 0-0 ye. Alhamdulillah.

Iftar of the day

Yesterday we went to Spain so today feel like going to Italy pulak just to get us some pizzas. Just don't feel like eating rice. and also don' feel like cookingJemu dah pulak so tukar selera. Babah ordered pizza n subway garlic breads. Tapi tak dan tangkap gambo garlic breads; depa dah abiskan sapa lagi kalau tak kak long Iman n kak ngan Ilham. Masa bukak posa ni slalunye huruhara sikit with all the little ones sibuk makan macam depa berposa. So simple2 jer iftar kami ari ni Alhamdulillah.
Tapi lepas Iftar tadi... babahnya kata, kalau dapat nasi best yek! Pulakkk. Memang tekak melayu nak pekena nasik gak. ok so tomorrow kita makan nasik balik ye. tapi nak dimsum gak as appetizer... boleh?

Iftar - 8th day of Ramadhan

Today we went to Spain, to collect our food for Iftar. Just another day Mamanyer rasa takmo masak. Nak main tunjuk-tunjuk and bungkus-bungkus. So, we ordered nasi kerabu garnished with solok lada, ikan goreng tepung, serunding ikan and super duper hot sambal lada. Extra request for extra moneylah of course. The towkey, Cik Mas; lives in a far far away land in International City ( in Spain Cluster). Sounds jauhkan, actually it was just 15 minutes away drive from our nest. Then on the way back, baba teringin ayam golek which he saw everyday on his way back from the mosque. Mau tak terliur tgk the chickens dok beratoq elok, berpusing-pusing on the skewer and nicely brown grilled masa posa-posa ni. So ordered 1 whole bird, memang tempting, nampak juicy and the rill mesti tender as they used chicken muda. Then we headed back to home for mama has to dadar tepung nak buat kueh ketayap pulak. Tak jemu-jemu baba makan kueh ketayap ni. Then ada teman hantar pisang goreng to add to our iftar menu. Penuh gak meja for Iftar today, Alhamdulillah.

Huh! meh kita tengok kak ngah Ilham yang tak posa ni makan macam lapar sangat. Beria-ia dia makan sampai siap gigit terus chicken tu. Ni nak bagi nenek-nenek depa kat Malaysia tengok. To Mak Bedah and Mak Leha (depa panggil nenek =mak), Selamat Ramadhan Al Mubarak, mintak maaf banyak-banyak. Tu atuk Khamis and Tok Bah Perlis, halalkan duit belikan Ieam jajan dan pasu2 yang Ieam pecahkan. I miss u ols. Nak Duit Raya!! (kalau nak tahu Ilham is the centre of attraction sebab banyak perangai, cheeky Ilham as well as cousin Adam).

Dak Debot Dina ni, time kami set for Iftar, anak dara mungil ni buat kerja under the table counter, panjang muncung tu, abis plastik sapra dia main. Kak long Iman kenyang tengok tv as usual. This time she didn't make it again as it was quite tiring for her turun naik tangga to classes as well as to her computer lab. Paling kesian, everytime fetching her out from the bus, dia terlentuk tertidur kepenatan. Pity this girl, panas2 gini, Mudah2an ilmu yang dia dapat berkat. Amin.

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Iftar 7th day of Ramadhan

Yesterday we had a simple dish for Iftar. Memang simple just mee goreng udang and rice with fish curry (lauk semalam... ingat mak kata jangan membazir!) with fried breaded chicken nuggets and chicken fingers. Then tambah lauk buat telur goreng kicap. Again babah nak kueh ketayap, dahlah request pukul 5.45... mmm dah suntuk ni, tapi tak sampai atilah pulak. So mama took daun pandan, add a little bit of santan and flour and an egg. Beat them and siap batter dia, dadar and gulung. Siap! . Alhamdulillah.