Friday, October 31, 2008

A'an and Intan

Intan and with little sister, Iman

Abang (Anwar aka A'an) holding Irdina.

Mama and Babah are blessed with these two dearie kids in our custody to love them and to be loved. We had long honeymoon years while waiting for ALLAH swt to send us our little angels from heaven. We took care A'an when he was few months old and took him everywhere and being introduced as our 'son' till now. He is actually mama's brother's son. Many of our close friends understood that.
Then mama's Kak Long got her fourth child; the only girl but understanding our hopes for a child, she let us to take care after this girl. In fact after that delivery she wasn't so well. We care and tender them with our fullest love... without prejudice. Intan is our 'lucky charm', as many said kalau ambil anak angkat InsyaAllah ade rezeki. When she was two year plus ... Alhamdulillah we learnt that we were pregnant with Iman after waiting for almost five years. It wasn't easy though as we never stop hoping, trying and praying. Until we safely delivered Iman; that made us the parents of three (A'an, Intan and Iman). Nothing changed... we still love her and A'an dearly. Many had the thought that when we had ours we would neglect these two... NOPE! They are still and will be ours forever though we are sharing the LOVE to love them. Thank u to my brother Khairol Khamis n wife, Kak Ngah and my Kak Long, Zalina Khamis and hubby; Abang Long for letting us to love these twos of our lucky charms. Now we have a bundle of joys - on Monday the children will be here with us ... that makes us, parents of 5. We are blessed. Alhamdulillah, Thank u Allah. We could not ask for more.


DaNaSh said...

uuuummmmmmm..speechless and 'writeless'

Anonymous said...

U guys are really blessed. Take care of the Amanah gifted from Allah.

Imeirda said...

Ermmmmm, Naza, u baru tau yek? tulah citernyer.

Dear Anonymous, Thank u for dropping by. InsyaAllah with god's will, Amanahs Allah are well taken care.

domestic engineer said...

Tak sabar gak nak jumpa anak2 yg you dok citer tu. Jangan lupa bawa datang umah kitorang nanti. Bertambah la kawan Along n Ain tapi yg Abang tu too big for Apit la Auntie. Tapi tak kisahlah janji you all happy.

Imeirda said...

InsyaAllah u akan jumpa anak-anak ni. Almost 2 months they will be here for holidays. Yelah si kakak adalah kawan nanti dengan Ain n Along... si abang kena cari yg dah senior lah. It will be busy weekends till end of the year.Phewww!

huraz said...

I am like naza...baru tahu cerita. Hope u have a wonderful holiday.

wizcakes said...

I have always loved a big family. Tapi rezeki I dua je. Tu pun Azam ckp bisin. Have fun with the kids Jeda.Mesti dapur tak renti berasap, and tgn tak kering2. You are a good cook, they will enjoy your food amongst others.

Imeirda said...

Doll, just got the children from airport, memang riuh rumah... InsyaAllah, wii enjoy the holidays.

Wiz, me too wishing for a big family. Alhamdulillah what we have now... bising memang bising but that keeps me sane.(sometimes insane gak). Aha, dah kena plan for menu, my stove has to work harder of course. huhuhu

Kakak Tiri said...

I am sure Kakak and Abang are enjoying yourselves having them around... as much as them enjoying their holidays here.

Have great fun!

How ol is A'an, btw?