Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raya Lagi.

2nd day of Syawal(Updates)

santainya depa, buat macam umah sendirik

The nite before, we had open House and to celebrate Dina n Babah's birthday. So the following morning, we felt total exhaustion, anak-anak pun kepenatan, Along and Ain slept over nak main ngan Iman.

So on the 2nd dayof Eid we had 2 open-house invitations. At three o'clock, joined by Ziela, Haza and children we we started our ride to Qusais; Nor and Fadzil's abode. Many were there, Ajim and the most jovial available bujang si Bob, many new faces, Riri n Mahadi, Moi n family and the rest. Nampak ada laksa Penang, sedap ni as don't feel like eating nasik impit dah(everyday dok ngadap nasi impit and kuah kacang - tukar selera pulak) and tuan rumah sediakan the best cake as good as secret recipe in Msia, it was so darn rich and would add extra kilograms which never vanished from me during Ramadhan. We brok-brek-brok-brek, killing the time as all of us would konvoi ramai-ramai to Karim's and Salinah's open House in Al-Mizhar.

Dua gadis cilik - Iman n Sofea

Open House of the year. The hosts Pn Salinah and En Karim invited everyone yang tak balik kampung di Malaysia to celebrate Raya at his Open House in Al Mizhar Dubai. This one was really a open house which offered and prepared variety of food namely Laksa Sarawak specially cooked by Salinah, sate, soto ayam, nasi mandi with lahaam, the traditional colourful Sarawak layered Cakes (kek Lapis Sarawak) and plenty of other delicacies. Here u meet many of Malaysians residing in Dubai or to be specific in the UAE. The Indians, the Chinese and others joined us . Not to forget the lagu Raya was aired all the time, it was so nostalgic and it was so Raya. Something amiss was to see the children main bunga api or mercun, try to find for them but there were nowhere to be found. The fact was the children were not deprived from having the same feelings , the real suasana Hari Raya eventhough far from their beloved kampungs in Malaysia, their atuks and neneks and cousins plus relatives . Mama and Babah pun tak sempat nak rasa melancholic sedih sambut Raya di perantauan as we were happy meeting friend kunjung mengunjungi their houses meneruskan tradisi keluarga. We miss the time with our beloved families in Malaysia of course but the time spent here with good friends during Syawal compensates it well. Alhamdulillah.

[malaysian-uae] Karim's open house was reported in Khaleej Times

Traditional Open Houses
Zafrullah, a Malaysian who has been in UAE for four months, spoke with nostalgia at the open house of Malaysian couple, Karim and Salinah, in a villa in Al Mizhar I in Dubai.
"In Malaysia, anyone can walk into an open house of a Malay Muslim. Here, I can see only the familiar faces of Muslim families, and as we partake in the feast, we miss the thundering sounds of bamboo cannons."
Malaysian businessman Karim and wife Salina said their family has been organising the traditional open house even after coming to the UAE.
"At home, Eid Al Fitr is celebrated for a couple of weeks as people visit their family members, relatives and friends in a show for togetherness.
"Here, the long celebration is during Eid Al Adha," Karim said. Salina added that even in the UAE, Malaysians are doing the same during Eid by visiting the homes of their compatriots to exchange greetings and feast together.


For whole report read Khaleej


domestic engineer said...

Salam Jeda,
Hari ni Ahad bila anak2 dah pegi sekolah n hubby fly again to Teheran, baru terasa betul2 berehat setelah penat beraya and memasak sakan. Penat tapi seronok kan! Thanks again to u n Imran.

DaNaSh said...

Salam Jeda..long time no hear...penat tak habih lagi ni... you guys lagi beraya sakan yea...baru ketuk pintu ziela, tapi tutup aje x de orang bukak pintu ....

banyaknya I kena qada' your entries ni...awat tulih banyak sangat??? or was it that long I left you guys?

Imeirda said...

Salam Ziela,

Yup... memang terasa masih penat beraya , jalan-jalan dan makan-makan. Memasak tu masa a day before Raya jer. True Penat tapi seronok and it was fun having u guys sama. Welcome and No Hal Lah!


Tau takpe! U tu yang balik kampung lama na, tak ingat kat kitorang. Penat naik tangga kat umah u tapi tarak orang. hehehe.

Yup, u left us quite sometimes, cepat update nak dengor citer orang beraya kat Kedah pulak. Sronok tak???