Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Trio

Our mischievous precious trio munchkins, the apples of our eyes

Just googling on the poem and found this one; kind of cute and funny. It relates our darlings stories well on how Iman used to complain to me and reason out apart from pin pointing at Ilham (blaming her of course) when I heard screamings or cryings of Ilham or Irdina. Ilhams as always, the cheeky ones who always possible of doing anything. Irdina mmm... too soon to anticipate. Whatever!! Just love the way u are darlings ... u guys are always the best gifts sent from heaven. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah.

Babah and Mama

Terrible Twos

Mom it wasn't me
that did those things to you.
I think it was my sister, (aha)
she's in the terrible twos.

I think I skipped that year.
I don't remember it. (u are rite!)
I'm now six you know and
I'll soon be big as you. (ok)
Surely you don't think it's me,
that put glue in your shoes. (so, it wasnt u?)
Just the other day
I heard Sis call you a witch, and (aha.. not good Ilham) hehe
the clock you found took all apart
was the one she tried to fix. (Ilham is for sure)

Do you reckon it was her
put sand in my go cart? (wasn't it Irdina?)
I know I need a new one,
but I wouldn't go that far. (nope, u r not)

I get in so much trouble
for things I didn't do. (really?)
Why is it me that
always gets accused? (SORRY!)
Don't you know it's Sis
that's in her terrible two's? (plus u)

by Reatha Crow


Babah said...


Babah doakan semoga menjadi anak2 yg cerdik, solehah, beriman dan bertaqwa. Jadilah insan yang berguna untuk Ummah. There's no words to describe my love to have all of you around me. Let's enjoy all the moments together!!

Imeirda said...

Babah dear,

Hugs and Kisses from Iman, Ilham, Irdina. Sure... we will always treasure and enjoy life together.

Pp said...

wow wow.....anak beranak bergurindam...bahagia gitu! MasyAAllah....

itu babah imran ka tu yang jadi kapal for the three angels to ride on tu? hehee masa nie la masa untuk kita ra'i kan mereka...bila depa dah besar, depa tak mau dah nak duduk dekat2 kita naa...


Kakak Tiri said...

Aleboo ols! Mwahh!!

Imeirda said...

Salam PP,

Alhamdulillah, enjoying life whilst can.

Yes that's is the babah being the kapal for them, mama jadik anchor nya aje, ahaks. True, masa depa masih nak kita peluk, we will always shower them with our loves unconditionally. Hope depa ingat yek!


Kakak Tiri,

Ilham said "Ileboo too".

DaNaSh said...

Salam jeda...geram tengok pipi anak2 you...mcm kuih pau...

Imeirda said...


Ala pipi u apa kurangnya! hehehe.
Eh teringat lak kuih pau Yik Mun kat Tanjung Malim.