Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Dubai 4

Monday 241128

It is been quite a while (hibernating sat), being busy and malasss but just wanna to blog about our recent activity, Cuti2 Dubai with anak-anak from Malaysia plus a visit from a good buddy of mine. Rozi and Hubby transitted Dubai enrouted Rome, Italy. Fetched them at the airport and balik Uptown dah malam so just bawak depa makan at the food court there and belanja Abang A'an punya Birthday ( "happy birthday a'An" ) and strolling within the vicinity. Nice weather, quite chilling and nyamannnn.

Tuesday 25112008

Love this photo. This is the only photo the whole 7 of us.

We rented a Kia Carnival MPV to accomodate all for a city tour. Started with Jumeirah Beach and Burj Arab. Snapping photos and we headed to the Atlantis (The Most Expansive Hotel) at the moment. Dubai as usual, claiming to have the world's tallest building, biggest airport and most expensive hotel, Dubai is a city of superlatives. An there are so many others for us to explore here. One shouls tgk on the opening ceremony. OMG they are so lavish... MEMBAZIR!!! In the economics turmoil and many were rentrenched, the money spent for that nite would suffice for so many family expanses. At a cost of $20million (Dh73 million) the lavish party will play host to around 2,500 celebrity and royal guests and a number of VIPs from the UAE for one grand nite event. Many were ie, Oprah, Kylie Minogue, Lindsay Lohan and other Hollywood /Bollywood superstars. Pak-Pak Arab kaya berlaga-laga pipi sambil tasbih kat tangan; hehehe ... do ur own googgling ya!!!

Atlantis in BIG numbers. (Hotel of madness)

The cost: £750m
The size: 114 acres – or 64 Wembley football pitches
The rooms: 1,539, with prices starting at £228 per night for a standard double and rising to £15,000 for the Bridge Suite
The water: 60m litres, including the rides and aquariums – enough to fill 24 Olympic-size pools
The rides: 8, including the 1½mile river ride
The restaurants: 17, three from Michelin-starred chefs
The fish: 65,000 specimens, twice as many as the London Aquarium

Then Abang Aizar wanted to get some Hard Rock Cafe Shirts for souvenirs and his own collection. He and babah are ardent Hard Rock Shirts collectors. FYI, the Dubai Hard Rock Cafe is closing by end of the year, bet depa jual shirts discount giler2 lepas ni so saper2 HRC fans, check it out.

Later we proceed to the Biggest/laegest Mall in the World (ye ke?) and the biggest aquarium in the worlg gak. Beautiful!!! Everyone could observe the big screen of the aquarium for FREE but if nak get a better view the entrance is not that much approx; 25dhs for adults n 15 for children. We managed to watch the shark feeding event. This is another not to miss place to go if u were to be in Dubai. Tengah ralit and fascinated with the fish, sharks and all aquamarine life, saw a Malaysian couple and we switched Salaam. Introducing ourselves... and had adejavu macam kenal Puan Faezah ni..... aha she was our lecturer (Rozi and me) who taught us Reading and Vocab subject. ermmm, what a small world kan????

with Puan Faezah, our former lecturer during our matriculation years in PPP/ITM, Shah Alam. After 18 years finally jumpa kat Dubai, (the hubby works here) n she came for holiday.

Global Village- A cultural landmark in Dubai

Around Maghrib we reached Global Village, kaki dah lenguh sebenarnya, badan dah rasa nat kaputt but the children were so energetic. But we got to take Rozi and Aizar here as the village is open only during winter for 3 months. Got to take the chance.

Many have said that the village attracts an outstanding increase in the numbers of visitors and countries participating. Every countries participating withspecial sets of pavilions with their own theme on the location, the village is still by far the most exotic attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). But with time constraints we did not really manage to explore the whole globe. The only time that they enjoyed was having fun with Mr Barney. Enjoy the pictures.

Babah and children really had a great fun with Mr Barney, Photo session; they gave them to take photos but later kena bayar depa 40dhs, hahaha!!! Anyway Ilham os Barney die-hard fan, still berbaloi!!!

26th Nov 2008 Rozi and Aizar left for Italy. Babah sent them to the airport at 6.30am. Hope they enjoy the stay here.


Hahaha, naper lak ada monkey ni. Ha tu ler, ada 2 orang kirim monkeys ni as awards they love the blogs. Thank u ya Fida and ????. Rules nyer kena tag 7 orang dan acknolwledge them but... but... but... kawan2 semua!!! kawan2 blog ni ramai yg dah dapat award ni, so mama tak tag orang lah ye. mama simpan jer monkey comel ni kat blog mama. Jangan kecit ati ye. Love the monkey!!!

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mother of two said...

hehheh patut senyap jer.. BTW jumaat malam lepak uptown..kopak2 budak2 mainkat fun fair tu..:)

Imeirda said...

hohoho, ada funfair kat bawah tu kan!!! budak2 ni pun kerjakan mama n babah gak!!!!

eiyda said...

Laa..patut la lama tak jumpa k.ida! Kami semua dah pegi except global village.. tak jejak kaki pn lg tahun ni :)

Imeirda said...

A'ah memang pun lama betul tak jumpa Eiyda dr balik cuti Raya. Macam Eiyda lah sibuk Bawak Enchek Eiyda kan... Kak ida sibuk ngan tourist muda ni sampai 31 Dec... hehe.

DaNaSh said...

seronoknya baca your cuti-cuti tour...but the most interesting will be rozi and pn faezah....rozi g holidaying ke???? wah..kawan tu maintain noh....

Imeirda said...

Rozi memang maintain... unlike me, maintain tembam, hehehe. Tulah jumpa Pn Faezah, ingat lagi fav phrase dia 'if u r not serious, u r goin 2 flunk'. that was 18 years ago but she is happy to see us... me too!

domestic engineer said...

Salam Jeda, terkilan gak tak dapat jumpa Rozi hr tu. Takpa la probably next time. Lagi pun I dgn anak2 were not well lately.

Camana you boleh recognize Pn Faezah ya? Kalau I, rasanya tak cam kot lebih2 lagi tak sangka akan jumpa di Dubai of all places.

Seems that you have a long list of schedule for your two litlle tourists. Lucky them! Enjoy...

Imeirda said...

Takde rezeki Ziela, it was short noticed pun, anyway budak-budak tak sihat kan!!

Anyone would have recognised her easily since she doesn't changed much cuma dah debab sikit jer...
and I was elated pun at that time, dia pun excited jumpa x-students, huhuhu.. for the children... alang2 dah ada kat sini, pulunlah round kat Dubai ni.

scott McRobie said...
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