Thursday, December 4, 2008

Salam Eidul Adha

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik, Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik,Innal hamdaWan-ni'mata, Laka walmulkLaa sharika lak.
O my Lord, here I am at Your service, here I am.There is no partner with You,here I am.Truly the praiseand the provisions are Yours,and so is the dominion and sovereignty.There is no partner with You.

Bismillah al rahman al rahim...
"In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

May we, take this opportunity to wish Mak, Ayah, Mak Dah, and Abah, you, your family, friends in Dubai and Malaysia, and who knew us personally A Happy, Blessed and Peaceful Eid-ul Adha. Wishing everyone a very Happy Eid Mubarak.

May Almighty Allah SWT showers His choicest blessing on us all.
May Allah SWT accept our supplications, and grant us Tawfiq and Hidayah to serve Him and to forgive us for our shortcomings. Ameen

May the blessings of Allah always be with us you and your family Ameen
Our du'a for all muslims around the world and
For friends and families performing Hajj, we pray for your Mabrur Hajj. Ameen

JazakAllah hu Khairan.

Imran, Zaida, Iman, Ilham, Irdina


huraz said...

Salam Jeda, lama tak blogging... seronoknya tengok gambar holiday you. By the way, how did you meet our old lecturer tu???

Pp said...

kami tunggu lapuran dari Istanbul....beserta gambar2 nya sekali...

welcome back!

Imeirda said...

Salam Doll. Just came back from Istanbul. Bump into her masa tgk aquarium, anyway she doesnt change much, still the same Pn Faezah. Macam tak percaya that was almost 18 years ago but dia still ingat kita lagi!!!!

Salam PP, Thanks... Tunggu!