Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Istanbul


It has been quite awhile, Lama tak berblogging. We were away for a short break to Istanbul. A day after Aidul Adha we took the Turkish flight; 5 Adults with 9 children. Ramai kan????

Istanbul was once called Byzantium then Constinopale is one of the world great cities. Anyone could not deny on her very own beauty and unique history and the only place where Europe meets Asia.
Day 1. (09122008)

ADA Hotel SultanAhmet Street

Arrival - arrived at the Atarturk Airport at 10.45 local time and were fetch and chauffered driven to ADA Hotel at Sultahahmet Street. Greeted and welcomed personally by the owner of the hotel ; Prof. Dr Dogen Sumangen. ADA hotel is strategic and very economical, COZYis the right word to describe, so close (walking distance) to the attractions merely few hundred metres to Blue Mosque, Haghia Sphia and Topkapi, Grand Bazaar etc. Checked in and cleared the luggages and off we go to our first attraction; Blue Mosque.

ADA Hotel, just arrived.... from LensaRiri

Blue Mosque. - Sultan Ahmet 1's great mosque ; one of the world's most famous religious building ' "blue" on account to the delicately patterned Iznik tiles which adorn the interior. Beautiful architecture!!! Tourists could enjoy the tour in the mosque for FREE.

Exterior - Ilham Made friend with Bosnian girl.

The interior design in Blue Mosque - from LensaRiri

This is Haghia Sophia, next to Blue Mosque. It was already evening and cold plus hungry. The children dah bising lapar so just took pictures. Note the orange color of Haghia Sophia. That is the real effect reflections of the sunset. Cantik kan!

Day 2 (10122008)
Topkapi Sarayi (Palace).

We spent half of the day at the garden area. Strolling leisurely in the compound, the garden is enourmous and beautiful.It resembles the Forbidden City in Beijing. The etrance fee is 20YTL/per person (60dirham) but it worth the money spent. The palace is located on top of the hill by the seaside, overlooking the Marmara Sea and Bosphoros. The view is amazing and so breathtaking. Apa taknyer! u were in Europe but u could see the other Asian continent on the other side. So near and not that far. Besides the day was beautiful bright sunny chilling cold day. Perfectttt!!!!

We managed to cover most of the places as the children boleh lari2 dlm garden tu and mommies masuk dadies tolong jaga anak2. Depa memang sporting.

Day 3. (11122008)
Bursa - Uludag Ski Resort

We planned on our own and asked Suad to take us there. The journeys is approximately 2 1/2 hours plus ferry ride to the other side of Eorope - The Asia. The scenery alongway to Bursa was splendid and so panoramic. Boleh nampak kebun olive and the reason to Bursa is the children nak main snow.
On the ferry on the way to Bursa

Ermmm cuak jugak for along the way tak nampak salji langsung and exhausted for the children kept on asking 'Salji tak/where is the snow, 'tak nampak punnnn', etc etc. Then finally sampai kat Uludag, it was a long queue for the teleferry ride (cablecar aka gondolas) but the dadies sanggup beratur. Thank u babah and Ayah!!!!
In the teleferry (cable car-climbing up to 1164m from sea level)

Sampai dekat first stage we sawthe hills were all white and the frost was quite thick, phewwww!!!! lega - what a relief!. We can see the children were elated. Alhamdulillah.

Dak Dina Debot and Kak Iman enjoying snow But one thing the unforgettable moment was when we dine in the one of the restaurants there. The restaurant was so inviting, cozy and unique. U just chooese the marinated beef, lambs or whatever u desires, weight them and u cook on your own as u desired. The food were delicious and very reasonable price and the best dinner we had in Istanbul except for all the Mac donald's stuff Pizzas etcAyah Madi memang great chef... babah Imran too!! magnificent!

To be continued...


mother of two said...

dah balik.... best kan.. cuma we all tak dpt pegang salji.
tepek ler gambar byk lagi kak.

eiyda said...

Wahh..welcome back to dubai..bestnyer!! seronok nampak k.ida n family ke sana..sempat jgk pegi ke tempat salji tu..

Imeirda said...

Salam MOT, Dah selamat balik Alhamdulillah, badan letih lagi!!! Part salji tu kita gi Dubai Ski lah lepas ni

Thanks Eiyda. Mmg best ang enjoyed the trip... Istanbul cantik at all corners. Tulah rezeki budak2 dpt pegi kat snow resort tu.

DaNaSh said...

wah cuti2 istanbul nampak....bestnya...ada telan salji tu tak ?? rasa apa??? masam masam manis????

Wiz said...

Jeda, what a beautiful place kan. I could feel the thrill of the kids and the parents upon seeing snow. Must be exciting and fulfilling altogether.

Rasa nak gi plak sana. Mahal tak barang kat sana? Did you go on a package or free and easy?

Imeirda said...

Naza... kalau nak rasa sedap ke tak... grated jer ice tu macam nak buat ABC. Lagi sedapppp.

Istanbul is great. To be frank... the magnificent beauty is everywhere, every corner. We went there on our own free and easy (very much cheaper). ADA hotel is highly recommended... walking distance to everywhere n it is a new hotel.

Barang ermmm mahal gaklah but still affordable and reasonable!

sultanahmet said...

Salam ;

Istanbul is my dream destination.

I like this city.