Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful Istanbul Finale

Lets khatam this Istanbul episode... Taknak cerita panjang2 tgk gambar jelah ye.

Day 6 (14122008)

At the park next to Topkapi Palace (just like Hyde Park adjacent to Buckingham Palace) ... strolling and enjoying the breathtaking view.

The children nak naik horse carriage so.... daddies joined them (infront of Haghia Sophia). Mommies jaga babies.

Mamas shopping time!

By 3.00 after lunch at the Mac Donald sent the children to the hotel, rest and take a short nap coz malam mamas and daddies nak dating berempat jer. We went to the Sufi Music Concert and Whirling Dervishes Ceremony Dances at the Sirkeci Old Railway Station, performed by the Sufi Group of Istanbul Galata Mevlevi Lodge . Later pergi makan2 n lepak at one of the restaurants at SultanAhmet.

Nite : Sufi /Whirling Dances. Ermmm meremang bulu roma dgn the enchanted choir (like gospel) enchanting Kalimah Allah - the nasyid like melody.

Day 7 (15122008)
Aud Lang Syne.

Time to say Good Bye. Morning Mamas n babah sempat lagi gi Grand Bazaar (10mins walk), last minutes shopping, balik hotel finalized everything and checked out. The man in blue shirt is our humble hotel owner, Prof. Dr Dogen Sumangen. Really impressed with the hospitality and his high level of patience dealing with our little munchkins (Riri described them as a little circus), macam2 ragam. Really!!! ADA hotel is highly recommended for so many reasons. In short, PERFECT and PUAS ATI!

Bayar!bayar! Bayar Time!

Checked out and Suad took us for City Tour (Gallata Tower, Pierre Lotti Hill) killing the time, our flight was scheduled at 11.50 at nite. Badan dah penat, just ingat rumah jer , missed Dubai already.

Gallata Tower, it was so windy and darnnnn COLD

Pieere Lotti Top Hill View and in the restaurant sipping apple tea, with Suad, our driver. Irdina with Mama Riri enjoying Apple coated with sugar glaze , sweet yummy... The fantastic views of the Golden Horn are best admired from the hilltop of Pierre Lotti Cafe.

All exhausted, Ali and Iman has started to catch fever.

Bye-Bye Istanbul. Alhamdulillah.


Anonymous said...

Finally... best betul budak-budak tu bervacation. Balik Malaysia... kena focus belajar lah... no more fun

DaNaSh said... more jalan2 cuci mata for me? Next destination please...

Wiz said...

Jgnla khatam lagi jeda, show more.

I so love the men in skirts tu. So exotic and sexy looking he he he. Tgh imagine our malaysian men in that, mesti klakar rupenya.

YOu pergi free and easy kan? so everything you arranged there or before you left? Sumer online ker? Ada hotel tu near town area ker?
Mcm la I nak gi esok lusa ;o)

QiStinA's said...

dah abis ke... alahai.. tgk beg kat aport tu...amboi... banyak sungguh..he..he

Imeirda said...

Anonymous - Ha'ah abis dah honeymoon, nak kena kerah keringat esp yg the brain yg dah lama tak work hard on studies... belajo! balajo, belajo!!! Dah abis rewards.

Danash... dah abis dah rasanye all plans are put on HOLD...economics downturned babe!... kena save $$$$$

Wiz, Yup Free & Easy, buat itinerary sendirik n carik kat sana . Sumer online Ada hotel tu ner to everywhere ... semua walking distance to the attractions even the tram station (1.40 kupang jer tram punnn!) nnanti I bagi link dia k. bilik spacious siap ada bath tub dlm bilik tapi winter - tak pakai pun!!!!
Wiz - that Whirling Dervish tu mmg kena pegi - dancers dia ermmm machos tapi macam best jer tgk diorg swirled pusing2 pakai skirt kembang tu tapi serammm la u!

Moi... abis dah. Mak ai penattt sungguh... bags anak 5 yang oi!!! hehehe

turkey said...

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