Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beautiful Istanbul Pt II

Day 4 (12122008)
We came back late from Bursa pukul 12.00midnite baru sampai, punyalah letih n terpaksa heret anak2 naik hotel. So on the fourth day the children were exhausted and tak nak ikut pergi mana2. And it was our intention to leave them since mommies nak pergi explore Haghia Sophia... We took our best munckins along, Riri bawak Andry and mama took Ilham for kalau anak2 dua orang ni with us... life kat hotel tu tak kecoh sangat. Irdina tinggal dgn Kak Sutik yang amat sanggup nak jaga Dak Dina Debot. The facts is ARYAN n DINA were the BEST supporting tourists we took to Istanbul

On the way to Hagia Sophia we detoured to Basillica Underground Cistern. It is actually a reservoir/water storage plant built by Byzantine Emperor. Turun ke underground tu MasyaAllah the place is beautiful under the dim lite, undescribable. It is well restored by the government and the visitors melt into disappearance when they are in the cistern to see the Medusa head accompany with the soothing music.

Llength of cistern is 140m, width of it is 70m and it is a giant rectangular stracture. In the cistern where you can godownstairs yhrough 52 stone stairs, there are 336 columns of which height is 9m. these marbles compose of 12 rows, nemely 28 columns in each and there is 4.8m between each and every one of the marbles

On the way to Haghia Sophia, we met many Medical Students from Egypt. Ada dekat 20-25 students jugak on their holiday in Istanbul. Asked them how much they spent for the trip and surprisingly taklah mahal sangat about RM 2000.00 for one week (hotel in Thaksim) inclusive trip to Bursa. Pretty reasonable.

Haghia Sophia

Later we proceed to Haghia Sophia. alam 150meter from the Cistern. Entry fee dalam 20YTL per person. It was once a catholic church then converted to a mosque and later to a musuem.

The exterior of Haghia Sophia.

The Islamic elements are still restored

As well as the Christian virtues are well restored too.

Then off we walk to the Grand Bazaar. Apa lagi shopping time... but when u entered the place it is is so colourful, so were mesmerized and hypnotized. Finally, beli fridge magnet, Turkey tea sets and few small souvenirs. Mama and auntie Riri bought a porcelain plate and a porcelain bowland also a jug, hand made ... beautiful and after a hard bargain we got it for quite a reasonable price. Unfortunately, angry Andri ngamuk and baling mama dia punya barang and crack. So another mama thought dia punya selamat but similarly the staffof that Turkish air main baling that bags. so mama Zaida punya pun crack gak Cuma jug selamat because had carried!!!!! Sigh!. Takdak rezeki...

Colours of Istanbul!!!!!

Top right, the pinggan mangkuk kami yg hancusss.

Till next entry ...

08122008 (backdated)

Intan, Yasmeen and Harris' Birthdays.

Happy Birthdays to Yasmeen, Intan and Harris.

Alahai! punyalah mama excited tulis pasal Istanbul terlupa nak update pasal birthday anak dara sorang ni. On Eidul Adha (8.12.2008), Moi n Norris invited us for beraya with them. As the following Subuh kami nak berangkat ke Istanbul, mama tak prepare apa2 pun. Infact pagi raya tu Firdaus and family tetiba datang beraya. Ermmm adhoc plan nak serve apa ye?... hohoho dapat buat cekodok udang jelah (mintak mahap banyak2)

Birthday Yasmeen and Intan coincides the same date (the actual date is 10 December 2008). They are at the same age - 9 years. So kira buat sekalilah, senang and seems Harris pun tak celebrate his birthday on the 4th of Dec... semua mommies tapau sekali buat birthdays aritu. Besides there are many children to celebrate. Ala budak2 ni dapat tiup lilin cake, nyanyi2 birthday song, rasa puas hati dah. Birthday present babah dah bookkan tiket ke Istanbul... hahaha. So both children; A'an and Intan actually celebrated both birthdays in Dubai with mama n babah.

note ; Thank u ye Ibu Moi and Ayah Norris, readykan party siap food utk Intan.


Amin said...

Salam, Intan, Happy Birthday yang ke 9.

Bestlah dapat jalan kat Dubai n Istanbul

Ummi, Ayah, Abg Aus, Abg Apis, Abg Amin and Adam
Sunway, Malaysia

domestic engineer said...

Beautiful Istanbul!!! Surely you all had great fun. Really enjoy the pics, pasni nak bawa masuk dalam tido, dalam mimpi...

Dak Dina Debot tu steady je main snow mcm main pasir pantai Al Mamzar, siap duduk lagi. Tak sojuk ke?

huraz said...

Lovely holiday pictures... i pun macam ziela, bawak masuk dream ye lah.

Imeirda said...

Amin... Intan says Thank u. Takkan wish jer, balik Mesia nanti readykan lah present. Thanks u all.

Ziela, Alhamdulillah, the trip was great and turned out as planned. Ala takyah mimpi2lah, tahun depan u gilah ngan bebudak lak.

Dina mmg steady n mmg macam main pasir. Sejuk benarnyer tapi budak2 ni mmg kebal

Doll, One thing for sure Istanbul is beautiful, u won't lah!!!

QiStinA's said...

yasmeen seronok celebrate birthday ngan intan n harris... happening bile ramai kanak2 gitu..
mmg istanbul cantikkan.. rase tak puas pegi sekali... kena gi lagi nie... gi princess island pulak.. naik keta kuda..ha..ha..

Imeirda said...

Ermmm, memang Intan was excited to share the party with kawan yg beranak hari yg sama dgn dia.

Moi, Thanks for make it happened, and Istanbul mmg great, nak naik keta kuda huh!!! nantikan the daddies naik keta kuda ngan anak2!