Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm back

Salam semua...

After a long break and hiastu mama is now back, dah keluar dari cave and ready to continue my sedentary lifestyle, spending time blogging, facebooking and Instant Messanging with friends and families.

Actually one good thing takde notebook ni I have more quality time with the little ones. Mama manage to divert my attention (full attention) attending them compared to when mama sibuk with this IT agendas, Ilham was reprimanded for scrolling and typing on the the keyboard. Tu belum lagi Dina merengek2 mintak tu, ini n sometimes mama kept on asking for time delaying/procrastinating their requests (huh!!! bab! bad! bad! habit). Really need to slow down a bit on these activities as mama need time for herself as life incubator now, with fluctuations of emotions and the hormones are to be blame??? The hormonal changes really affect the levels of neurotransmitters which this time made me malassss giler. Besides, i feel like I have lost control over my body... ermmm the emotions is on a roller coaster ride. but thanks to the little ones, they have been kind to their mama.
Many things happened during the break but not goin to backdated everything except ;
10th January 2009
Our first apple of the eyes; Intan Nur Iman celebrated her 7th birthday. (10012002). First time ever, there is no birthday bash for her. (We just took her for a dinner treat). She has voluntarily gave up her savings for the children in Gaza. She even made some stationeries/story books n colouring goodies packs packed for the unfortunate Palestinian children with little note
My name in Nur Iman, I am 7 years old.
I am a Malaysian and now I live in Dubai.
" I would like to share something with u and hope u will like it.
May Allah swt saves u and Palestine. We pray for your safety.
Be strong.
Love Iman"
It was touching this little girl has grown to be responsible girl understanding there will be no celebration for her. She has started to know/comprehend there more other people need something that could make them feel better or happier. The celebration allocation is channelled for a better cause. At least that is the least she could contribute. Hope the goodies packs reached the children; HOPE that would made a difference to some children in Gaza. Ameen. W are proud of our Iman.


DaNaSh said...

happy birthday sweet Iman, sikit lagi bermenantula tu mama mu...he..he..he

jeda, i rasa i ni mulut masin gak la..i think in one of my comments i memang tulih you should 'expand'..nah zam zam alakazam menjadipun...the heartiest CONGRATULATIONS from me...syoknye..nanti tempat lahir boleh tulih besor2 DUBAI...wooi.

eh lupa lak nak cakap..MISS YOU MISS YOU MISS YOU MISS YOU.

QiStinA's said...

Happy Belated Birthday Iman... moga jadi anak yg solehah... k.eda.. kalau tak larat htr je dina kat oud metha..he..he

Imeirda said...


Thanks for the wishes n mulut u memang masinnnn. tu dah... 'kun fayaakun' rezeki lagi Alhamdulillah. Ermm dah lebih dr mid thirties ni penat lah. Penyakit Malas ni masih ada, great impact!!! u keep on writing, i ni dah slow sikit, I will do blog walking jerrr. Kepala wengssss lah.

Salam Moi, Thanks dr Iman. Kak Ida antar irdina ngan Ilham sekali boleh??? Ermm 2 jam jelah awak tahan, pastu Tobatttt. hahaha

huraz said...

Happy Birthday Imam... r u expecting???

Imeirda said...

Salam Doll, Thanks for the wish. Ermm... direct sungguh yr Qs!!!Catching up dengan u lah Doll. YES teacher, I am.

huraz said...

I ni slow sikit kalau org berbunga2-so direct lah. Congrates lah. U take care ya.

Kay Husna Kadir said...

Congratulations!!! Take care! Im glad you dare to go through IT again...I think I want to stop at 4...

Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

salam. saya boleh dihubungi di email ini dan ym saya azli_shukri.

M-O-M said...

Kak Ida...congrats!!! take care of yourself. kem salam abg Im n everyone.

Iman was so sweet to donate her savings!!! Kalau ada rezki kami sampai sana insy..


Imeirda said...

Salam Husna,
Not easy tho. dah lebih sikit dr mid thirties ni. Think gonna stop at 4 gak. Thanks for dropping by.

Saudara Azli, Thanks datang bertandang, Salam.

Thanks for the wish,Salam for boy n little munchkins.Just come over yek... u guys are very much welcome.

Abahnajwa said...

Salam Eida..

Onn ni..Ingat agi kan? Kebetulan Aca bagi link ni..It has been so long since we met kat Restoran Jejantas Sg Buluh dulu kan?

I am in Liverpool now..tak habis2 belajar sampai tua..hahaha..Kalau ada kelapangan jenguk blog family kami:

Kirim salam dengan Imran ya?

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